Do You Take Blogging Short Cuts or the Successful Way?

Do You Take Blogging Short Cuts or the Successful Way? 2
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Taking blogging short cuts leads to fast failure.

Taking the successful blogging route requires:

  • time
  • generous service
  • practice
  • patience
  • persistence

Each quality seems taxing to give. I get it. I have blogged since 2008. But the long, sometimes challenging blogging journey leads to success you crave. Blogging short cuts always lead to quick failure. However, bloggers who take short cuts again and again experience long term failure. Whether you take short cuts now, 5 years from now or 10 years from now, you will fail now, 5 years from now or 10 years from now. The length of time you work short cut strategies never forces success out of failing strategies.

Blogging short cuts never lead to blogging success because good things require time and generous service. The most successful bloggers in the world grew traffic and profits by giving years to blogging the right way. Creative, connected bloggers honed their skills over 1000’s of blogging hours. Allow this idea to imprint itself onto your mind. Success is a marathon run over years not a sprint lasting minutes.

Of course, bloggers tend to sprint spanning minutes for overnight riches. Hacks, shortcuts and the quickest route possible occupy these panicked, frenzied, greedy minds. But the quick route leads to failure. Even if you work hard trying to game the system the system yields no money for desperate bloggers demanding quick riches to flow their way.

I paid my blogging dues. Blogging has been good to me in many regards because I have been quite good to blogging. Blogging mirrors back to you what you give to blogging. Observe the reflective effect of this powerful medium. The successful way is the long way because one needs to develop skills over years to make a strong impact online.

Slow down your mind. Stop craving short cuts. Cool it with seeking hacks for getting rich quickly. All blogging short cuts lead to failure because fear goads short cut seekers and fear-driven bloggers do unintelligent, failure-inducing things. My spam folder on Blogging From Paradise collects shortcut seekers daily. Instead of creating valuable content to help people and earn trust this crowd looks for a short cut. Spammers want to gain exposure on my blog via a worthless comment and link to their business. Spammers want to capitalize on any success I’ve experienced over the years through my diligent, patient work.

Every single one of these short cut, spam comments lands in my spam folder. Plus, I removed links from comments months ago. Even if one comment snuck through no one gets links on my blog unless I drop a link in blog posts. Spammers could publish 1 billion short cut comments for the next 50 years; every single one of those billion comments dropped over 50 years:

  • lands in the spam or trash folder
  • leads to blogging failure

Imagine spamming blogs for 50 years and STILL failing horribly? Failing strategies always fail. Short cut takers always fail.

Stop trying to get rich quickly. Pay your dues like we all do.

Create helpful content. Connect with bloggers by:

  • publishing genuine comments on respected blogs from your niche
  • promoting bloggers on your blog
  • promoting bloggers through social media

Creative, connected bloggers succeed through their generosity, patience and persistence.

Shortcut takers fail 100% of the time because no one gets something for nothing. Everyone needs to earn their blogging success over the long haul. Give to get. As your giving expands your getting expands. As you hold back and look for a short cut, success is held back from you as your short cut leads to fast failure.


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2 thoughts on “Do You Take Blogging Short Cuts or the Successful Way?”

  1. Hi Ryan,

    It’s a nice topic chosen by you. And also, a new blogger needs to understand as there is no shortcut to success not in blogging although success has no short roads. Blogging needs practice, patience, and persistence one who follows these parameters will become a successful blogger later.

    Thank you for writing this wonderful post.

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