Does the Blogger or Blog Make Money?

Does the Blogger or Blog Make Money? 2
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Confuses reigns in the blog monetizing game.

Some believe the blogger makes money. Others believe the blog makes money. How do you make money blogging? Simple. Develop your blogging skills.

But developing your blogging skills feels highly uncomfortable sometimes. Take right now. Developing my blogging skills involves typing away on a lazy summer afternoon when I’d rather be in bed. There; you have it. I am no blogging machine. I am no blogging cyborg who self-publishes eBooks like a blogging robot, mindlessly charging forward, being void of emotions. I blog with feelings. I prefer to be napping now. But I blog. Why?

I know bloggers make money. Blogs do not make money because blogs are inanimate objects. A blog cannot do anything on its own. Blogs are not sentient, thinking, feeling, acting entities.

The reason why I cover this post is because way too many bloggers try to push blogging blame off on things like blogs, or other inanimate objects. Bloggers complain about how their blogs do not drive traffic. But how can a blog drive blog traffic? Blogs cannot do anything.

How can a blog increase any type of profit if a blog cannot do anything? 100% of the time, the blogger makes money or does not make money. Everything is on the blogger. Everything is according to their effort, focus and full on commitment to blogging the right way for a period of years.

Money flows to generous bloggers fully committed to learning how to blog effectively, practicing their skills and generously serving people. Blogging the right way is the smart way to blog profitably. But blogging the right way demands you leave your comfort zone sometimes. Blogging effectively to profit means making fun, freeing and sometimes highly uncomfortable, scary decisions. Such is the life of becoming a professional blogger.

Skills make money. Various pieces of online real estate do not make money. Picture someone buying my eBook:

25 Tips to Develop Peace in Your Life

Does someone buy the eBook solely because the individual found the eBook on Blogging From Paradise? Nope. People buy the eBook because I spent thousands of hours honing my blogging skills to instill trust in my readers.

My readers trust me because I practiced writing. Trusting me, these folks buy my stuff and hire me because if you have skills, the money follows. I made the money through my skills. My blog did not make the money because no blog has skills, practices, creates content or makes connections.

Blogs are physically impossible of doing anything. Never pin your blogging failures on your blog. Your blog has nothing to do with your failure. You do.

Own it all. Free yourself from the habit of blaming people, things, conditions or circumstances for your blogging failure. Take care of your financial future by practicing, honing your blogging skills and boosting your blogging income through your persistent, patient, generous effort. Everything grows for bloggers who generously sharpen their blogging skills through persistent service.

Picture bloggers being carpenters. Who builds homes? Skilled carpenters. Who earns money? Skilled carpenters. Why? Skilled carpenters spend years serving under experienced, skilled, professional carpenters to learn the building ropes. No sane carpenter believes his hammer earns his income. The carpenter earns his income by developing his skills through persistent practice. No carpenter tool of trade nor building strategy nets any profits.

Put in the time. Patiently build up your blog on a rock solid foundation of generous service. Money comes. But only after you earn money.

Practice, practice and practice some more to accelerate your blogging success.

No blog makes money because blogs cannot think, feel or act.

Skilled bloggers who practice creating and connecting earn blogging income.

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