Does Breaking Blogging Rules Lead to Failure?

Does Breaking Blogging Rules Lead to Failure? 2
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I broke more blogging rules than you’d ever imagine. I have only a few folks on my email list. I do not actively build my email list. I do not SEO-optimize my posts. Not much Google traffic. I do not fancy up my posts before sharing on social media sites. Stats? I never check them. But I do okay for myself. I am clear on breaking some major blogging rules so I do not fail. Other people fear breaking rules so when they break the rules they do fail. All your gig. I could care less about some major blogging rules because following said rules does not feel fun.

I always follow my fun. So doing what feels fun to me allows me to succeed because blogging is an energy game. Here I am dictating a simple post while my niece is playing in the background. This is really free form. This is free-flowing blogging. I am not sharing a post about specific practical tips for driving traffic or increasing income with this blog post. I am talking about breaking blogging rules. So far so good. Success has found me as I circle the globe island hopping because I follow my intuition before robotically following blogging rules.

 You have to do what works for you. Following some rules feels good and clear to me. I create value. I make friends. I monetize freely. I promote myself freely. You know by now I promote an eBook through every single blog post and guest post. These are basic rules that work fine for me and that feel good to me so I follow them to succeed. But other rules feel heavy. List building always felt heavy to me. I never felt better than the day I let go my list. A few months ago, I began emailing my list again but only active subscribers. Just a few people.

My blogging success is based on my energy, not following specific rules that most bloggers follow. That’s my gig. It’ll be the same for you if you understand that breaking blogging rules does not lead to failure like some bloggers say it does. Of course, some rules will be very important for you to follow but some rule-breakers succeed. If I ever told you that you can or cannot do a certain thing, even though it’s true most of the time, bloggers succeed through all types of strategies and by following rules or by ignoring rules. Everything is on you.

I never break rules to be a rule breaker specifically. It’s not about being a rebel for me. But I do break rules in order to help people. More than that, I break rules to have fun. List building was never fun to me. So I stopped doing it. Guest posting was really fun to me. I kept doing it. Guest posting boosted my traffic and profits but more than that, guest posting allowed me to help you through different platforms.

Take this platform. Sazzadul runs an awesome blog. I happily help you guys because you’re interested in blogging tips and he’s a good friend.  But honestly, I guest post because it’s fun for me and beneficial to you. If I did not have fun guest posting I would not do it. If you do not like to write, don’t force it. Become a vlogger. Don’t follow my guest posting rule. I do advise you guest post because it’s a great way to leverage your presence but make sure you have fun doing it. Having fun is the number one blogging rule because if you do something for fun you fall in love with the process, stick with it and succeed with that strategy over the long-term.

How many bloggers follow rules mindlessly? Mindlessly following rules leads to failure because your feelings matter more than the rule. I know why most bloggers never go pro. These folks struggle because they do things mindlessly, following set rules without honoring their feelings. Professional bloggers follow their passion. These pros know that having fun is the most important aspect of going pro. Having fun ensures you fall in love with the process. From this type of energy, you blog for thousands of hours from a peaceful space without ever quitting. You actually gain momentum. Isn’t that cool? 

 But again, I do follow certain rules. I’m not saying you should break every single rule because the basics of creating and connecting ultimately lead to success. Becoming a pro is almost impossible if you break the rules of creating and connecting because all skills, exposure and credibility sprout out of creating helpful content and building genuine connections. Break these rules and you have no skills. At least not valuable skills. Break these rules and you have no connections or friends, which is tough. Break these rules and you’ll have a tough time getting exposure. Again, some people may break those rules and still succeed but those bloggers are few and far between. 


Follow rules if doing so feels fun, freeing and flat out relaxing to you. Breaking rules does not lead to failure. Blogging from a dominant energy of fear leads to failure. Follow rules that feel good to you. Let go everything else. Position yourself to become a professional blogger.


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