4 Tips for Increasing Blogging Profits

4 Tips for Increasing Blogging Profits 2
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How do you make money blogging?

Every experienced blogger gets asked this question hundreds of times during their careers.

People use money as a means of exchange all around the globe. Bloggers crave cash for a variety of uses.

Tons of money misinformation litters the web. Bad advice geared toward gaining quick profits pollutes the minds of new bloggers and struggling bloggers alike.

Good monetizing advice seems few and far between.

Since most humans – and bloggers – posses money limiting beliefs, resistance often arises to even sound, proven monetizing tips.

I want to share 4 tips I use to increase my blogging profits.

Note; these tips differ from common techniques like building a list and attempting to optimize profits by testing and tweaking that channel.

I never grew much of a list and even at my list building peak nearly a decade ago I only had a few subs.

Since I created Blogging From Paradise I collected a scant number of subs but do fine by following these 4 tips.

1: Go Wide

Going wide means leveraging. I published a few posts to my blog today but leveraged aggressively by writing and submitting 3 guest posts so far. By day’s end I will have placed 5-6 guest posts on respected blogs.

Imagine trees limbs stretching far and wide, encompassing a portion of the forest.

Visualize your blog as the tree trunk and guest posts as the branches and leaves. Hikers may or may not touch the trunk but definitely rub against branches or leaves in thick forests.

Similarly, readers and customers will contact your guest posts, the wider you go, meaning the more helpful guest posts you place on different blogs in your niche.

Be a generous guest blogger. Share your thoughts daily on one or more blogs other than your own. Leveraging increases your exposure and improves your skills. Skilled bloggers with great exposure make serious coin online.

2: Help More People for Free

Be generous across a few channels online.

I spent today:

  • publishing blog posts
  • submitting guest posts
  • podcasting
  • broadcasting live on Facebook

Each piece of free content serves as a profit seed. Profit seeds grow into trees over time. Massive collections of profit seeds grow into forests. Imagine the analogy from tip 1. Factor in a forest of wide trees.

Have you noticed some bloggers genuinely seem to be everywhere in their niche? These pros increase their profits because you cannot escape trusted, skilled bloggers who generously serve readers through many channels.

Do up the ante daily. Calmly, confidently and persistently help more folks for free through leveraging. Cater to people across multiple channels to make more money through your blog. Never get comfortable.

Stop patting yourself on the back and use that arm to lend a helping hand to a blogger who needs assistance or to a reader with a question.

3: Buy a Resource

I wrote a blogging eBook to help you be a smarter and richer blogger.

Too many bloggers attempt to boost profits sans a solid, trusted resource.

Reading blog posts works A-OK but there is something about firing up your Kindle or accessing a course on your laptop to give you a tried and true, properly formatted, complete resource for solving a specific problem.

Scan eBooks, courses and audio books to see what profit-booster vibes with you. Amazon, Google, Twitter and Facebook are starting points but the easiest way to buy a resource is to gobble up products from bloggers you trust.

Purchase, study and enjoy, to make money blogging.

4: Keep Opening More Streams of Income

Place a heavy emphasis on “keep opening” multiple streams of income.

Few bloggers open multiple streams of income and learn a painful lesson: one income stream often fluctuates wildly until you gain serious skills.

Even if you are skilled, a single stream can vanish in a split second for countless reasons.

Wealthy bloggers open multiple streams of income to net profits through many channels. Currently, I have roughly 14 income streams open, including:

  • selling eBooks
  • selling audio books
  • selling paperbacks
  • selling courses
  • selling sponsored posts
  • selling ad revenue
  • selling affiliate products

in addition to other channels.

Keep adding channels. Never get comfortable.

I read how a self-help icon opened 219 income streams. He makes dollars through some channels and hundreds of thousands through other channels.

All together, his net worth is hundreds of millions of dollars because every stream and penny adds up over the long haul.

Never get complacent with blogging income. Be grateful for your money but add income streams regularly.

Some streams vanish but being abundant-minded, you will keep making more money by adding income streams regularly.


Follow these tips diligently. Helping people for free and monetizing abundantly are 2 fundamentals of boosting blogging income.

Buy a resource to learn monetizing from pros.

Happy profiting.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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