1 Way to Outsource Blogging You Probably Overlooked

1 Way to Outsource Blogging You Probably Overlooked 2
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Writing this guest post for Sazzadul’s community actually outsources my blogging.

Does this sound odd to you? Outsourcing usually involves paying someone money to handle some blogging task. But different forms of outsourcing exist. Some outsourcing involves not paying someone to do something but befriending someone to leverage each other’s presence, or to help each other in some way, shape or form.

Guest posting outsources your blogging not from a work perspective but from an exposure perspective.

Perhaps I do not pay Sazzadul money to handle blogging tasks for me but the audience I access through guest blogging leverages my presence. I pay him in terms of:

  • time
  • energy
  • writing

but he pays me in terms of giving me access to a:

  • community
  • audience
  • readership
  • blog
  • brand

I have not access to at Blogging From Paradise.

Outsourcing your efforts expands your success through a transaction. I give writing to get a new audience. I offer knowledge to access new readers. Observing this interaction closely reveals how writing and publishing one guest post for 15 minutes is a small payment for gaining access to a group of people keenly interested in blogging tips.

The Downside of this Outsourcing

Versus paying someone money to completely handle a blogging task I pay 15 minute’s worth of time and work to write and publish the guest post. Purely speaking, this is not the true definition of traditional outsourcing. No other person completely handles the work part. I do not pay money through a split second transaction for handing off work. I pay with my time and energy to access a readership apart from my Blogging From Paradise readership.

The Upside of this Outsourcing

15 minutes of my time-energy-work-writing payment:

  • gains me credibility
  • boosts my traffic
  • potentially boosts my profits
  • gives me access to a highly targeted community keenly interested in my talent especial
  • gives me writing practice
  • boosts my writing confidence and clarity
  • expands my brand awareness
  • bonds me more powerfully to Sazzadul

Does writing for 15 minutes to gain those benefits sound like a downside, if you dwell on these ideas? Do you see how much I receive in return for a few moments of writing? Can you realize how this less traditional sense of outsourcing highly benefits your blogging campaign?

For but a little bit of work you blog in front of a community outside of your own any time you place a guest post on a blog. Gaining exposure is a prime blogging problem. Most bloggers create helpful content but cannot gain enough traffic to be seen on any appreciable level. In truth, most bloggers have ample skills but terrible visibility. As an even more searing truth agitating struggling but skilled bloggers, mediocre bloggers often experience great worldly success mainly through gaining massive exposure, not because of their serious blogging skills.

Even world renowned brands, businesses and individual artists sometimes experience staggering worldly success not based on eye-popping offerings but mainly because they busted their tail to be seen in as many spots as humanly possible. Exposure makes the business or individual in this case while offerings come in a distant second place.

However, when you have something quite special to offer you can reach a high number of people by framing guest blogging through the prism of outsourcing. Picture yourself giving a few moments of work spanning 15-30 minutes to capitalize on the work of fellow bloggers. Fellow bloggers worked for years to build their blogging communities. For the price of writing a guest post you receive access to that community.

Doesn’t that sound like outsourcing to you?


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