Do You Want to Know One Secret of Successful Blogging?

Do You Want to Know One Secret of Successful Blogging? 2
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Smart work executed for a long time!

Simple; work generously, intelligently and persistently for years. This is the secret of successful blogger. But it sure feels like a most guarded secret if you watch the average blogger for 5 minutes. Most bloggers want short cuts. Most want to know how to rank on page 1 of Google, pronto! Others desire how to write a viral blog post. People want money fast. How can you work for a long time – intelligently – if you want everything fast? How can you blog smartly, patiently and persistently if everything in your being seeks impatient, non-persistent profits?

Scared bloggers do stupid stuff. Scared bloggers set unrealistic expectations. Scared bloggers never uncover the secret to successful blogging until the moment that they face, feel and release fears in their minds. Releasing fears revealed they did everything to guarantee blogging failure during their fear-filled blogging days. Releasing fears also reveals how good, old fashioned, smart blogging work executed for a long time brings you blogging success.

The secret is no secret to professional bloggers. The blogging secret is just smart work. All human beings know smart work executed for years brings success in any endeavor. But fear buries this knowing under layers of feigned ignorance. I tell you how I write like this only because I blogged for 10,000 plus hours. Fear in your mind says: “Yeah, but I want to write like that after practicing blogging for a week!”

Impossible; one cannot become a clear, confident writer after 30 hours of blogging practice. Bloggers become clear, confident writers after 1000’s of writing-practice hours. Put in the time and work, being smart about it. Uncover the secret of successful blogging. Work intelligently for a long time. Succeed.

Observe a successful blogger like Santosh Gairola at Blogging Cosmos. He has patiently, persistently and generously created content and networked diligently and genuinely. He shows that blogging is a measured marathon, not a mad dash.

Truth be told, there is not a genuine secret to successful blogging because you and I know that if you work intelligently for years you will succeed. We all get it. No magic bullet exists. No shortcuts to blogging success have been buried for only a select, privileged few to see. No overnight success button waits to be pushed. Everyone who succeeds puts in the time and energy for a long time. Point blank.

Stop looking for short cuts. Put in the work. Put in the time.

Here I am on a rainy Saturday afternoon putting in the time and work for the 5th straight year, day by day. I do not see working daily for years as some big deal. I love this blogging gig. But I also faced tremendous discomfort along the way on this blogging journey. Either you work and succeed or you do not work and fail. Everything is on you. However, *smart* work executed over years makes the difference.

Blog intelligently. Target your readers. Build strategic bonds with bloggers in your niche. Monetize through multiple income streams. Do this stuff daily for years. Working mindlessly for a long time still leads to predominant failure because being smart plays some role in succeeding. Working intelligently for a brief period of time works not because we need to see the long haul journey through.

Work smart, for a long time. Success will find you. Less persistent bloggers fade away. Less intelligent bloggers vanish. The few top bloggers you see and follow blogged intelligently for a long time to be leaders in their blogging niche.


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