How Do You Handle Blogging Stress?

How Do You Handle Blogging Stress? 2
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Do you try to slam through blogging stress like a bull in a china shop?

Or do you remain present with fear?

Do you intend to fight through stress?

Or do you want to outwork stress? Do you want to work harder and harder to leave stress in the rearview mirror? Do you intend to outrun stress?

Most bloggers try to outwit or outwork stress. Putting your head down and charging forward seems like the best approach because folks around you tend to bull forward through stressful emotions. Goodness knows I tend to do this from time to time. But I have largely learned my lesson. Blogging – and life – taught me without sparing the rod.

Newsflash; no matter how hard, long or strained you work you cannot out lap blogging stress. No amount of work distances you from fear in your mind. Fear in mind completely supplies blogging stress. Every blogging problem in mind is stress manifest. Grasp this basic truth. Face the fear. Feel the fear. Let go stress.

Right now, I feel a bit of blogging stress because I appear to be up against the clock. My wife and I are prepping the house before heading to our next travel location. I wrote the guest post because blogging stress surfaces in mind. Feeling the emotions goaded me to write the post because being with the sensations reminds me to remind you that everything is in your mind.

I appear to feel stressed because time feels fleeting. In reality, I am afraid to run out of time. Facing, feeling and releasing the fear of time loss is the direct way to be with the stress. Does this feel unpleasant? Yes. But already, feeling the fear of time loss seems to be dissolving the stress. Dissolving the stress allows me to slow down and write the blog post. Slowing down to write the post lets me best help you; plus the process feels more peaceful than plowing through the blogging process.

Attempting to blog through stress yields low-quality work. No one does their best work under stress because no one does their best work being heavily influenced by fear. Fear makes you do mindless stuff. Scared bloggers forget to add critical details to work. For example, if I blogged mainly under stress for this guest post I’d forget to add links in, links out and a link to one of my eBooks. Fear makes you hurry forward in a rush to do a less than effective job.

Face, feel and release fears fueling blogging stress. Feel better. Feel less stressed. Do a better job. Be with stressed energies to think, feel and blog clearly. 10 minutes in to writing this guest post I already feel better. Feeling better lets me write more clearly. Writing more clearly lets me hit the mark as far as publishing helpful content with enough details and links to benefit both me and you.

But everything changed the moment I faced, felt and released fears concerning my blogging stress. Or the moment I faced and felt fears fueling my blogging stress.

Do not charge forward mindlessly. Mindless blogging only leads to more stress, resistance and failure. Pull back for a moment. Take a deep breath. Relax. Chill. Feel whatever seems to bother you. Let it go after feeling the wicked little energies.

From there, blogging stress rolls off of you like water off of a duck’s butt. All changes as you move forward from a serene, relaxed vibe, prospering you and your readers as you create and connect naturally.


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