How to Reframe Getting Negative eBook Reviews

How to Reframe Getting Negative eBook Reviews 2
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Do you feel bummed about getting a negative eBook review?

I’ve been there.

After self-publishing a high number of bite-sized eBooks I have received a few negative reviews here and there via blogging criticism lobbed my way by pained souls.. One particular negative review woke me up. I pondered something. Someone published a quite critical review. But 10 people Liked her negative review. 10 people agreed with her negative opinion of my eBook without even buying and reading the eBook! How can you trust the opinion of a negative human being who feels so unclear that they need to publicly criticize you and your work? Without even buying and reading the eBook?!?!

WHY would you value negative nellies as eBook customers, readers and reviewers? I want nothing to do with the 10 negative nellies who trusted the negative person who published the negative review. Do I want money that badly that I intend to sell eBooks to negative critics? Why would I want negative, critical people to buy my eBooks and publish 1 star reviews? Do I need that?

A growing group of fans gladly publishes positive eBook reviews for me. I intend to surround myself with loving fans, not scared critics.

Reframe negative eBook reviews in this fashion: any human being suffering enough to give a minute or 10 minutes of their time to:

  • criticizing you
  • offering negative feedback
  • publishing 1 star reviews

in a public setting, knowing the review may sway other negative nellies, is not worth your:

  • time
  • attention
  • energy

Give no attention and energy to negative reviews.

Give all attention to loving fans who publish positive reviews in response to your work.

Negative people bandying about critical reviews in a public forum display their:

  • fear
  • pain
  • suffering
  • grief

What happy, calm, serene human being publishes a negative review in an online setting?

Since first hopping online in 1996, I have never published a negative, critical review of anyone or anything. Why would I be arrogant, conceited and mentally ill enough to:

  • complain like a small child
  • whine like a spoiled brat
  • wail like a baby demanding its rattle

in a public setting? Do you realize how:

  • petty?
  • arrogant?
  • emotionally unstable?

emotions like anger, rage, gross negativity and highly critical pinings appear to human beings each time you publish a negative review?

Making matters even worse, the negative individual posted a poor review in response to an eBook worth a few bucks. Is your life really that unhappy that you felt the need to publish a biting, critical, negative review because you feared wasting 4 bucks? Really?

Do you see how losing sleep over a scared person terrified to lose 4 bucks is not worth it?

Negative reviewers project their pain, fear and loss onto you through reviews. Either ignore them and get out of the way or catch their projection to step into their karmic crapvstorm.

I want nothing to do with those negative 11 human beings who want nothing to do with me because I want everything to do with a lot more humans who deeply appreciate my blog, brand and overall demeanor. Stop wasting time even thinking about negative reviewers. See negative reviews as establishing clarity about your blogging campaign. Each negative reviews gives you clarity in who you do not want to connect with. Even better; letting go poor matches allows in more people who love what you do.

Negative reviewers reveal who to avoid and more importantly, who to bond with, as far as doing a 180 from the negative nellies. People opposite to dour reviewers publish:

  • positive eBook reviews
  • positive blog comments
  • positive social media engagements

Loyal fans also buy your premium offerings and hire you.

Spend all time with the winners.

Lose the losers.

Anyone who takes time to publicly down another human being is a loser because losers focus on loss. Negative reviewers fear they lost money or time in purchasing an eBook but really lost the opportunity to be tactful and move on. Perhaps you dislike an eBook; let your unhappiness go and move on before generating critical karma that hits you like a boomerang.

Nobody of note cares about negative reviews save negative nellies embodying the same loser mentality.

Why would you care about these people when other folks love what you do?

Lose the zeroes.

Hang with the heroes.

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