Why Brands Need to Drill into Data to Cure Customer Loyalty Decay?

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Brands often introduce their consumers to new customer loyalty terms and conditions with the motive of strengthening the core of their businesses. This helps them to stand out in the crowded marketplace. Almost everybody today has the mini digital device in their pockets which carries the vast e-commerce world. This is both a boon and a bane.

The brighter side is that people get to choose the best from a huge variety of options available. But on the other hand, a closer introspection on the matter will unveil that the economy outside the online world is suffering greatly. People these days are becoming more comfortable with the online world, and the local shops are being ignored. Even the offers and discounts are no more capable of grabbing their attention.

So what can you do to compete with the revolutionary world full of technologies? You will have to dig in the customer data and use it wisely. To give a hard competition to the changing dynamics, a brand has to be far more innovative than it was ever before. Innovative ideas can be applied to produce the best results. But the brands need to have a clear idea about the needs of their patrons.

And that can be achieved from an organized collection of customer data. In this article, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about customer loyalty, customer service, customer data, customer behavior, customer program, and customer experience. Stay hooked to the article till the end to know why customer data is the gold mine you can dig to gain more buyers.

Customer Service Programme

Customer programme or service programme is one of the most important aspects of determining brand loyalty. Your team is responsible for the service provided to your customers. Hence, the staff team of the business plays the most crucial part of the service. Your staff must know how to treat each customer as an individual and value their opinions.

They should also help their customers to find the products they desire. Most importantly, your staff should know how to make the client feel important and needed. And to ensure such qualities in your staff team, you must keep in mind certain points:

  • You must train every staff after recruitment. Right training results in the right attitude.
  • Your employee must enjoy his work. So make sure he is passionate regarding his job.
  • Your staff must help you in providing innovative ideas for the growth of the brand.

Customer Behaviour

Customer behaviour must be studied very minutely by your brand. Their behaviours will help you know their preferences, usage rates, buying occasions, satisfaction with the products, and many other important factors that affect the businesses.

During 2013 and 2014, mostly all CRM (Customer Relationship Management) products were connected to software that helped to communicate with customers and track their behavioural patterns. 

Customer Experience

Your service must be smooth enough to ensure a good customer experience. If your client is not satisfied and the process of buying your service is troublesome, chances are that they will not complete their first purchases. And hence, you cannot expect them to return back or recommend your brand to others.

You can follow some easy systems and methods to ensure a decent customer experience:

  • Keep a record of customer service standards and use them to achieve the desired business goal.
  • Let your customers enjoy customer loyalty programs.
  • Manage a client detail file in the CRM database.
  • Record their feedback after selling your service.
  • Let your consumers drop their complaints regarding your brand service.
  • Train your staff members. Keep a record of their performances.
  • Encourage your staff to submit their innovative ideas.

Customer Loyalty

Customer data is used to cure the decaying customer loyalty. But before we delve into the details of customer data and their uses, we need to give you a clear concept about customer loyalty. The customer loyalty 2019 survey presents a detailed graph.

According to the graph, firstly, the quality of your product ensures 41% of customer loyalty and, secondly, the price of the product ensures 35% of customer loyalty.

Your brand must provide such excellent services making people return back and buy from you again. This chain of loyal customers that you win through your service will stay with you forever. Pareto Principle states that 80% of the profit your brand earns will come from 20% of the consumers that you serve now.

These are the customers who will buy your product or service repeatedly and will suggest them to others as well. So let’s take a quick sneak peek into the qualities of the brands that ensure customer loyalty.

  • Authenticity: Brand’s authenticity is an important factor determining their loyalty. Say, if a casino is genuine and provides slots with free spins, more consumers will stay faithful towards that casino.
  • Provide smooth customer service: If something goes wrong with your product, make sure that you stay beside your customers and help them to overcome the problem.
  • Provide what you promise: Provide the service or product value that you promise. Do not just brag about good services or discounts if you cannot provide them. If a casino promises to provide slots free spins then it must fulfil the promise. In this way, they will be more loyal to your brand when you provide them value.
  • Respond to your customers: If your consumers mail your brand or reach out the service team to complain about some problem they are facing with your products, then they must be provided with the best solutions and decent behaviour. 
  • Collect customer feedback: Collecting their feedback is not the only job that you need to perform as a brand. But also, you will have to work on the negative points of the feedback so that when they return back to buy from you, they do not face the same issue again.

Importance of Customer Data to ensure Customer Loyalty

Customer Data is the personal, behavioural, and other necessary information collected by the brands concerning their customers. This data if used judiciously by your brand then no other brand can take away your customers from you.

But most brands do not understand exactly how and where to use customer data. And often they end up doing it in a way that leaves a negative impact on the company’s growth. So today we are going to tell you how exactly this data can be used to keep your consumers hooked to your brand. 

Know Your Customers

Collecting customer data enables you to know your customers and understand their demands. Once you are sorted with their needs, you can build a strong strategy to cater to those needs. Your brand needs to collect the data and analyse it carefully.

The data can be collected via online portals or via feedback forms. The sorted data will help your brand to save a lot of time, and focus on the best services for their demand. A marketing study shows, that following are the steps that can help you build strong customer data:

  • Understand the core needs of your buyers and their ways of interaction.
  • View their lifestyles from their point of views.
  • Keep healthy contact with them.
  • Try various engaging posts. Find out, which post reaches the maximum engagement. That will help you know the maximum demand.
  • Always keep your data updated.

Organise Customer Survey Programme

Customer feedback is of high value. You get to know more about the positive points of your product and also the negative points that you need to work on. While testing a product, a consumer survey is one of the best methods to collect their data. If you are able to shape your product in accordance with the preference of your buyers, then they will be interested to invest in your brand.

Initiate Campaigns

Campaign is another amazing method of collecting data. Send out your team of experts to hold campaigns in different places and record the responses of the audience. The team must ask their audience engaging questions directly or indirectly related to the brand’s product or service. The responses you receive will definitely help you to design your product in a better way.

Engage Customers in Your Website

Your brand’s website is a place where you can collect a lot of customer data. Use an analytics tool like Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics, these tools will help you to analyze your consumers’ preferences. 

Make Your Brand Active on Social Media

This goes without saying, that social media is the most active platform in today’s world. Your brand must use these social media platforms to analyse the clients and share the promos with them.


To gain your customer’s loyalty that you feel is somehow fading, all you need to do is know what they want! And for that, you need to have well-researched data in hand. If you want your brand to be every customer’s trustworthy place, then you need to gain their loyalties.

Keep your promise to serve them the best, listen to their complaints, help them when your product or service is at fault, and value them over everything. Serve your people the best, stay ahead of the rest! So, how are you planning to collect your brand’s data? Do let us know!

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