Why Choose Money as a Blogging Goal?

Why Choose Money as a Blogging Goal? 2
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Have you ever REALLY thought through choosing money as a blogging goal?

I thought about this money-obsession thing years ago. Why focus on money goals? Imagine spending 10,000 hours of your precious life chasing numbers on a screen? Imagine devoting a decade of your treasured life trying to GET numbers at any cost? Insanity. Money is an illusion. You and I simply agree on a dollar amount to make an exchange for stuff. But we create the exchange and illusion through our perception. 

At one time, people exchanged salt, sheep and shells as means of money, aka, means of exchange. Do you think it wise if you spent 10 years of your life desperately working your tail off to get as many sheep, bags of salt, or buckets of shells, as humanly possible, in order to acquire so much means of exchange, that you can get as much stuff or experience as much stuff as humanly possible? Do you see why chasing money is fool’s gold? Numbers on a screen are illusions. No one dreams of living a human life to acquire numbers on a screen.

Does dreaming about numbers on a screen keep you up at night? Of course not. Circling the globe as a full time blogger keeps you up at night. Spending time home with your fam as a full time blogger keeps you up at night. Leaving a full time job you despise to become a pro blogger keeps you up at night. Freedom keeps you up at night.

Blogging for fun and freedom inspires you to do fun, freeing and sometimes super scary things in order to become a professional blogger down the road, in the future. That’s it. Doing things freeing happens not because you deeply desire numbers on a screen because money is illusion, not real. Even though we use money as a means of exchange, the freedom one feels in exchanging money freely is what humans love.

No one cares about 6 figure incomes unless you are insane because money is useless unless you use it. People enjoy the fun and freedom of acquiring enough money to live a life of freedom, whatever said life looks like to you. Make FREEDOM your ultimate blogging intent, and make FUN your blogging driver, because you will blog for a while before going pro, and the freedom-intent influences you to do scary, uncomfortable things sometimes, that you need to do to become a professional blogger.

I feared promoting my eBook for a minute. I feared bloggers would not appreciate me sharing this helpful read for a litany of fear-based, limiting beliefs. But nudging into fear because I have fun blogging and set a freeing intent nudged me to promote the eBook freely. More bloggers bought it, enjoyed it and benefited from me promoting the eBook because my fun-fear egged me on, to promote the read. But this never happens unless I blogged for fun and freedom because fear dominates your blogging decisions unless fun and freedom edge you outside of your comfort zone, to conquer the fear.

Hey; blogging gets icky sometimes. However, blogging to be free to circle the globe or to work from home motivates you to make scary decisions you need to make in order to become a professional blogger. Stop chasing money because money is the lamest driver ever. Who dreams of feeling absolutely alive solely because you have money? No one! Focus instead of generously serving people through blogging because it feels fun and freeing to do so. 

Make freedom your goal and fun your driver to see the blogging journey through until you go pro AND to largely enjoy the blogging ride.

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