Do Negative Blog Comments Throw You for a Loop?

Do Negative Blog Comments Throw You for a Loop? 2
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I observe anyone who offers negative feedback on:

  • my blog
  • my life

by seeing through the illusion of fear. Since fear is not real the human being sees what is not real. Why would I feel upset by someone who shares what is not true? Why would I fear someone who shares some un-reality with me? I largely blog from:

  • love
  • forgiveness
  • compassion
  • generosity
  • trust

Why would I believe someone who speaks through the lies of:

  • fear?
  • deception?
  • judgment?

However, I spent years strengthening my mind to offer this perspective to you. Negative blog comments threw me for a loop for a long time. I felt embarrassed, ashamed or even angry anytime someone published a negative comment on my blog. Ditto for feeling these emotions any time someone published a negative review in response to one of my eBooks or courses.

Eventually I chose to face, feel and release fears fueling negative reactions to negative comments and reviews. But many bloggers never step toward facing fear in their minds fueling negative reactions to critical comments.

I have seen some skilled, talented bloggers go into a pure funk anytime someone publishes a negative comment on their blog. Genuine blogging masters sprint into a cyber cave the moment someone posts a nasty, biting blog comment on their blogs. Hours pass. Weeks pass. Months even pass. As bloggers lick their wounds for hours, weeks or months, success skips them, life passing them by. Reacting to a negative review by hiding from blogging or by fighting your negative commentor wastes time and energy.

Why fight someone who judges you harshly? First off, you secretly believe someone speaks the truth through their negative blog comment. I recall someone who told me my blog design looked like crap back in 2013. I cursed him out through my angry response. But I only cursed him out because I truthfully believed my blog looked like crap. He offered to design my blog. I accepted his offer. He crafted a professional-looking theme. I felt better about my blog design.

I eventually moved on to a new designer but learned a lesson from the initial negative comment and my angry reaction: what someone says about me from a negative perspective is all about their fear business and has nothing to do with my love business.

People publish negative blog comments because of their fear-projection in their mind which has nothing to do with my love-acceptance in my mind. Why would I allow their fear to influence my love? I let them go from compassionate energies. I forgive them and move on in a split second or perhaps a few moments later if I need some fear-clearing to do.

But I do not engage people who speak from fear because their fear has nothing to do with my love. Someone’s mind has nothing to do with my mind. Why would I feel upset about something projecting from fear if I live from love? Their world has nothing to do with my world; none of my business. I carry on after releasing fear and fear-folks to live from love with loving folks.

As I release critics quickly I allow more fans into my blogging life. Do the same. Let go people who do not love what you do to make room for people who love what you do. Life changes when you master this skill versus trying to force critics to become fans or trying to berate a critic to disprove their lies.


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