Do You Treat Blogging Business Like a 2 Way Street?

Do You Treat Blogging Business Like a 2 Way Street? 2
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Someone friend requested me on Facebook a few hours ago.

I approved his request.

He proceeded to message me a pitch to hire him for his business services. I proceeded to block him on Facebook. He wanted me to hire him. He did not genuinely want to be my friend. Since he intended to use me for money I released him from my life via the block button. My alleged friend did not learn this fact; blogging business is a 2 way street.

Unwise bloggers ask a pro blogger for business a few times daily. But if this strategy worked we’d all be blogging billionaires. Less wise bloggers actually believe getting business is as easy as asking 10, 100 or 1000 human beings daily to hire you. But if this less wise crowd thought through this approach they’d also realize we’d all be billionaires if business was about asking a high volume of people for business.

Genuinely wise, intelligent bloggers treat blogging business like a 2 way street. Instead of asking people to hire them the smart crowd actually promotes fellow bloggers, their businesses and their products and services.

Donna Merrill linked to an interview of mine via her recent blog post. She promoted me and indirectly promoted my business. We have been helping each other in this fashion for years. I cannot even count how many times we promoted each other and I even lost track of how many years we have been connected.

Both Donna and I know blogging business is a 2 way street. Instead of trying to get people to hire you just promote fellow bloggers to increase their business. Promote fellow blogger’s content to spread their word. Inspire people to trust these individuals by showing off their work. Gradually, their business grows in part through your generosity. What happens as you patiently promote fellow bloggers? Some of these bloggers befriend you and promote you freely. A growing number of blogging buddies who promote you grow your business organically; think about their communities:

  • reading your content
  • sharing your content
  • hiring you
  • buying your eBooks and courses
  • posting positive eBook reviews

Grow other blogger’s businesses by promoting their:

  • blog posts
  • videos
  • podcasts
  • products
  • services

patiently, persistently and generously. Friendships form. Blogging buddies promote you, your business and your brand. Expect organic business growth as you grow your blogging buddies’ business.

Logically, you and I know helping people is the quickest way to get help. Emotionally, putting your needs to the side to promote fellow bloggers may feel scary.

Why would you promote fellow bloggers before promoting yourself? Shouldn’t you look out for yourself first?

Think about the people who taught you to think this way. Did any become happy billionaires? Did any become happy millionaires? Do any of these folks live their wildest dreams? Across the board, no happy, peaceful person free from the matrix who lives their dreams and experiences worldly success puts their needs before the needs of other people.

Powerful, happy people give freely before asking, as Anil pointed out discussing the life of Guy Kawasaki via his latest blog post.

The guy who friended me asked me twice:

  • first he allegedly asked to be my friend
  • secondly he asked me to hire him to grow his business

Do you understand why I blocked the guy? Before I even had a chance to speak to the dude he asked for my attention via a Facebook friendship then he asked me to hire him to grow his business. Do you understand how:

  • rude
  • arrogant
  • mindless
  • absurd
  • foolish
  • desperate

it appears to established bloggers for someone to ask for your attention then your money before you have a split second to talk with them?

Most people fail horribly at blogging – and life – because they live in survival mode. Everything is about them. Fear in their mind scares them into a miserable existence of self-preservation. Life becomes an extended journey in self care or perhaps in caring for 1, 2 or 5 family members.

Living in survival mode guarantees unhappiness because no one survives and thrives simultaneously. No one lives bound and free. No two opposites can occupy one human being at the same time.

Give without asking. Help bloggers grow their business. Observe how many bloggers help you grow your business.

4 thoughts on “Do You Treat Blogging Business Like a 2 Way Street?”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    Over the years we both have mentioned each other on our blogs because we know how to give freely. That comes from the heart, growth of both our businesses, and just plain fun to do.
    As for your experience on Facebook, I have had many do the same with me. I only would accept them if we had lots of people in common. We did and I got the exact same response. And it happened several times.
    Part of me wants to teach these folks that this stuff doesn’t work, but due to time factors, I just have to block them. If it keeps happening I will create a document to send them back that will explain some rules of marketing.

  2. Hey Ryan, You nailed it very well.

    Yes, promoting others stuff helps a lot to get the boost to our content and products.

    I started tweeting others stuff like blog posts and youtube videos, then those persons also started tweeting my stuff.

    You are sharing very helpful tips Ryan. Thank you for this helpful guide.

    Keep bring such awesome content here.

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