Blog Content: Your #1 Online Asset

Blog Content: Your #1 Online Asset 2
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Blogging confuses most because they cannot clearly see good, old-fashioned, beneficial blog content is the #1 asset to be cultivated.

Long form content rocks. Short form content helps, too. Content helps. Writing and publishing blog posts and guest posts is the most important aspect of all blogging campaigns because:

  • traffic
  • trust
  • profits
  • credibility

originate through your blog content.

Observe this blog post. Reading the words gives you an idea about blog content. Perhaps you frame content in far different fashion after reading this blog post. Maybe you never again ponder content as “just writing a blog post.” Bloggers absurdly undervalue blog content. Most see words on a screen doing little to nothing. But mindfully publishing helpful content actually lays a granite-like foundation for your blogging business.

See Blog Posts as Assets

Every helpful blog post behaves like a rabidly loyal business asset. Each post serves as a brand ambassador. Every piece of content potentially influences readers to trust:

  • you
  • your knowledge
  • your blog

Trusting readers tend to become loyal followers. Some trusting readers buy your stuff or hire you.

Everything began the moment you published helpful blog content solving specific reader problems.

Blog posts serve as powerful assets because bloggers gain credibility based on content the individuals create and publish. Bloggers blog. Blogging involves publishing content. Although mindlessly volume publishing content yields no clear benefit, developing a prolific habit beats not blogging. Every day presents you with an opportunity to create blog content. Perhaps you create a portion of an in-depth, SEO-optimized blog post. Or maybe you publish a 700 word, short form blog post. In either case just get busy creating blog content to publish or to prepare for publishing another blog post.

Each helpful blog post published goes out into the world as a business-building asset. Imagine someone Googling:

blogging income claims

My blog post appeared on page 1, position 1 of Google for a while before drifting to page 1, position 2 for this search term. The post acts like an asset because the content drives people to my blog, courtesy of Google and me publishing an SEO-optimized blog post. The asset increases my blog traffic. Perhaps my blogging profits grow through the asset. Maybe the asset draws new loyal followers to my blog. I created and published the post a while back but it works for me 24-7, 365, as do all blog posts and guest posts I publish.

Assets May Be Active or Passive Based on Visibility

Even if some of my blog posts do not get visitors today some of these gain visitors tomorrow. Some assets seem more visible than others. But increasing the number of valuable assets published also increases your traffic, profits and overall business. Creating more assets creates more blogging success.

Being prolific benefits you and readers. Being generous positions you to become a successful blogger. However, most prolific bloggers only embody this frame of mind after seeing the powerful nature of viewing posts as online assets.

Stop under-valuing blog posts. In the same breath, never get attached to a single blog post because fear-attachments prevent you from publishing the next helpful blog post. I SEO-optimize some posts but cautiously trend away from following this strategy for all posts because attachments developed in mind as I solely published long form content. I tried to get as much traffic as possible through one long-form post versus moving on to create and publish the next post. Learning my lesson egged me on to become prolific, once again.

Completing work and being done with it is one way to both value blog posts but to also develop the detached, prolific habit of publishing blog posts and guest posts frequently. Google drives some traffic through my SEO-optimized assets but my frequent posts and guest posts increase those assets through far more channels than Google.

Do you see each blog post as an asset that works for you long after you publish the blog post? Putting in a bit of work now creates a more passive blogging business down the road.

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