Where Do You Guest Post?

Where Do You Guest Post? 2
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Do you guest post on blogs from your niche? Why not?

You better.

I spend most of my day guest posting on blogs from the blogging tips niche. Why would I publish guesties on any other blog? My blog is blogging tips. I appeal to readers who crave smart blogging tips. My eBooks and courses are geared toward bloggers who want blogging tips. Guest posting mainly on blogging tips blogs flat out makes sense for when you blog on blogs related to your niche; readers interested in your niche flock to your blog through the guest posts on related blogs.

Guest posting confuses some bloggers who guest post on any old blog. Why do that? Do readers on any old blog have a pressing interest in your blogging niche? Try the more intelligent approach. Guest post only on blogs in your niche to connect with targeted readers, interested clients and prospective customers. No one gets ahead trying to reach people not interested in their blogging niche. Bloggers get ahead by helping people interested in their blog content, products and services.

I know guest posting on Blog CD ensures I speak to people craving blogging tips. You follow this blog because it is a blogging tips themed blog. Bloggers want blogging tips to succeed. I publish blogging tips on Blogging From Paradise. We both win. I help you with blogging tips. You help me by following me from here over to Blogging From Paradise. Every one gains because resonance wins. But during different blogging years – lean years – I guest blogged on any old blog. I gave little thought to targeting and all thought to exposure. I wanted to be in a billion places at once but did not realize how being in spots where no one cares about your posts is as effective as not guest posting at all.

I guest posted for a blog whose owners boasted 80,000 members on their email list. Wow. But I gained little business growth through the blog and 80K list because 80K subscribers and blog followers solely wanted my personal development tips. No one cared about my blogging tips. Perhaps a few people bought my self help eBooks through the guest posting gig but nobody showed interest in visiting my blog much. I gained massive exposure in front of human beings but almost zero exposure in front of targeted human beings deeply interested in blogging tips. How did guest posting there improve my business bottom line? Well…it did not. I feel good about inspiring people but devote only a little bit of time and energy to posting outside of my niche these days, doing so only because I have fun helping trusted friends and their readers.

Where do you guest post? Stick to your blogging niche. Grab a guest posting eBook to learn how to guest post the right way. Do it right. Do it intelligently. Learn from pro bloggers who know how to guest post effectively in order to save your time, energy and overall freedom. You do not want to waste precious minutes – let alone months – spending time guest posting on blogs outside of your niche. Target. Speak only to your readers. Allow this idea to seep deep into your mind; guest posting on blogs fully outside of your niche is as effective as not guest posting at all. Perhaps you guest post on one blog outside of your niche but spend your remaining guest posting time only posting on blogs fully aligned with your niche.

Target. Be effective. Be efficient. Take time to build bonds with bloggers in your niche. Polish your writing skills. Allow prospering guest posting opportunities to flow your way.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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