Do Not Fear the Publish Button

Do Not Fear the Publish Button 2
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Smash it. Tap the publish button. Bloggers fear publishing blog posts for a litany of reasons. You fear nothing seems to be quite perfect; wait on the blogging sidelines to edit the post for the 10th time. Re-read the post again. Be with the errors. Make the post better. Make the post more acceptable. Make the post perfect. But all perfectionist pining is fear. Bloggers fear being criticized. Bloggers fear wasting their time. Bloggers fear failure. Bloggers even fear succeeding; the subconscious mind creates all manner of fears to prevent your freedom, happiness and fulfillment.

The way to get over your fear of publishing blog posts is to tap the publish button, to publish blog posts and to get comfortable with making the uncomfortable choice of publishing blog posts. Do not fear the publish button. Fear what happens if you do not tap the publish button to ship blog posts. What happens if you do not publish blog posts?

  • nobody knows who you are
  • nobody trusts you
  • nobody sees you as a credible blogger
  • no one buys your stuff
  • no one hires you

Making these realizations proves not enough bloggers fear what happens after NOT tapping the publish button to publish blog posts routinely. Bloggers fear what happens if your blog posts go live. Do you fear what happens if your blog posts do not go live? Do you fear the consequences? Do you fear the repercussions of being a blogger who does not blog? Does being a blogger who does not blog sound like a fruitful, successful, profitable blogging venture? Does being a blogger who does not blog sound like a fun, freeing, fulfilling gig? Fear what happens if you avoid publishing blog posts. Do not fear what happens if you publish blog posts routinely. Freedom awaits you. Success awaits you. Of course, some fears await you too but each is a tax to pay in order to become a successful blogger.

Picture publishing a blog post. Critics arrive, publish negative comments and leave. Big deal. Who cares? A few unhappy human beings complained about your blog content. Why would you be bothered by unhappy humans complaining about something? Billion dollar industries grow based on the collective love of the business and brand followings, not based on the fear-filled complaints of a few unhappy, unclear people. Face your fear of criticism. Feel your fear of criticism. Let go your fear of criticism. Experience greater blogging success and expanded freedom as a few unhappy, unclear folks complain about your success and freedom. Par for the course stuff, here.

Every pro blogger needs to get over the fear of publishing posts as newbie bloggers by stepping through the fear of publishing posts. The direct way to step through this fear is to tap the publish button in order to both publish blog posts and to explore the feelings arising as you publish posts. Sit with the fears masked as anxiety, embarrassment, shame and worry. Observe the fear of wasting your time and the fear of nobody reading the blog post. Be with these energies. Feel these energies. Release these energies. Eventually, you overcome these fears, moving into a more fearless, confident, clear vibe regarding your blog post publishing. You soon enough blog like you breathe, publishing posts freely and easily to share your generous service with the world.


Tap the publish button.

Overcome your fear of publishing blog posts by doing what you fear to do.


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