Pro Blogging Tip: Stop Overthinking It

Pro Blogging Tip: Stop Overthinking It 2
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I read a blog post from a well-known pub on blogging mistakes, a few moments ago.

I agreed with one tip: ensure your blog post content aligns with company and/or business goals. I resonate with this idea. But I also see legions of new and struggling veteran bloggers who go above and beyond in terms of thinking, planning, visualizing, rationalizing and doing 1,001 other things before publishing a blog post, let alone brainstorming the post.

Stop overthinking it. Listen to readers. Listen to your readers. Publish helpful content solving their problems. Rinse, wash, repeat. If you solve reader problems you hit the bullseye as far as your prime blogging goal. Happy readers whose problems you solve follow your blog and buy your stuff. Loyal blog followers boost blog traffic. Loyal blog customers and clients increase your blogging business.

Of course, we all know these ideas but how many bloggers put these ideas into action on a daily basis? Not many. Most bloggers sit on the blogging sidelines. Most bloggers tend to overthink the full blogging process. In truth, some bloggers carelessly post anything coming to mind. Bad idea; avoid straying from your niche. But versus overthinking the whole blogging process thingee just solve your reader’s problems with your content. Ask readers about their problems. Record problems. Create content solving their problems. Simple.

But following this process feels uncomfortable sometimes because ego intends to overthink everything from energies of fear. Imagine solving simple reader problems for 7 months. Cool. But you see zero blogging profits at the end of those 7 months. Ego panics from fear. Ego wants to overthink the horrible nightmare of getting no money in return for your 7 months of content rendered. Take a deep breath. Do not overthink it. Keep solving reader problems for free to build a rock-solid foundation for your blogging campaign.

Perhaps some fine-tuning is in order. Versus making the idiotic move of ceasing to solve reader problems for free – due to overthinking – maybe you begin promoting yourself and your products/services freely through every blog post. Or maybe you begin guest posting on respected blogs in your niche. Fine-tuning or tweaking involves a small amount of thinking, not some massive brainstorming session spanning days, rotting with the venom of overthinking.

Thinking through your blogging campaign is not as difficult as you may think. Pick a niche you enjoy working. Demand that this niche solves a pressing problem. Spot common problems in the niche via top niche blogs. Publish problem-solving content on your blog as you generously and genuinely network with top bloggers in your niche. The fundamentals seem timeless; and they are. But guard against feeling fears triggered then diving into some massive overthinking campaign guaranteed to waste time and energy.

Wasted Motion

Overthinking is wasted motion.

Perhaps you come across a blog post on some respected blog. Information seems tight. But the content lays itself out in complex, wordy fashion, eliciting not simplicity of thought but overthinking, analyzing and a certain mental paralysis seemingly crippling you into inaction.

In that moment you can stop reading the post and find a simple, clear guide – aka, how I word my blog posts in a conversational tone – or you can force yourself to overthink your way through complex blog posts. Be forewarned; some respected, quite well-known blogs lay out content in less-than-simple fashion, triggering fear and overthinking through intense personal analysis.

Follow bloggers like David Boozer. He publishes valuable content ready to seize and use for your benefit in simple, clear fashion. He never beats around the bush. Why overthink complex content when you can access and use simple, powerful, beneficial content in seamless fashion?


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