Do You Create on Dated Real Estate?

Do You Create on Dated Real Estate? 2
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I clicked through to a travel blog a few moments ago.

On scanning the content I noted the last post was dated 2019. Two years have passed since the blogger published new content. I did not bother reading the content because it was not evergreen. Of course I did not publish a content on a dated, semi-abandoned blog.

After closing out this blog I visited another travel blog. After checking out the blog content I perused the comments section. At least 30 spam comments littered the field, pointing to links advertising spammy businesses. Comments seem to be dated months ago, meaning this blogger has not checked comments for months. Why would I read the post and publish a genuine comment on a blog abandoned for months by a blogger? Why would I create on dated real estate?

Review blogs you visit, read and comment on. Does the real estate appear to be dated? Does the blogger even care about the blog? I guest post on Blog CD because Sazzadul actively promotes my guest posts here, boosts the guest posts on social media and is flat out a live body, co-creating success for both of us. I keep showing up to help engaging, active bloggers who commit to blogging. I commit to bloggers who commit to blogging.

But some bloggers spend time creating and connecting through blogs whose owners are dead at the blogging wheel. If they do not care about their blog why would you care about their blog? Even worse; if they do not actively work or promote their blog you receive no benefits from their end. Everything promo-wise needs to be by your own steam. You may as well be publishing posts to your own blog. Why would you waste time creating and connecting where nothing seems to be going on?

Publish content on active blogging communities. Observe the blog for engagement. Check out the comments field. Check the latest blog post date. Has 3-6 months expired since the blogger last published a post? Based on the average human lifetime, if 3-6 months passed from the latest post, how committed is the blogger to publishing content and building a successful blog? Commit to bloggers who commit to blogging.

I only publish guest posts on reputable, active blogs run by committed bloggers. Bloggers who are all in simply allow you to grow your traffic and profits through their active co-promotion and co-creation. Spend time with these individuals to accelerate your success and their success.

Active bloggers are easy to spot. Bloggers who publish every 1-2 weeks have committed to blogging. However, make sure the bloggers have committed to publishing frequently for a number of months before considering being an active participant on their blog. Look for a proven track record before committing to these individuals.

Scan the blog comments section. Do spam comments appear? Bloggers who allow spammers to publish comments are asleep at the wheel. Perhaps one or two sneaks through for a few hours or perhaps one day but if 5-10 spam comments sneak through over a few day stretch you need to judge the blogger’s commitment to blogging the right way.


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