Why Turn Around After You Experience Some Blogging Success?

Why Turn Around After You Experience Some Blogging Success? 2
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Bloggers often experience some modest or even mild success but turn around the moment that pressing on the accelerator is the answer.

Why do you turn around if greater blogging success beckons on the path forward?

Moving forward accelerates your blogging success. But moving backward by turning around has the opposite effect. How can you succeed by moving back toward failure? I know that moving forward outside of your comfort zone feels scary. For whatever reason, 100 to 200 people began friend requesting me daily on Facebook just yesterday. My intuition told me to begin approving all of these folks. Even though I am enjoying making new buddies my ego and its fears feel uncomfortable with the extra workload of engaging, bonding and chatting up new buds as I create blog content through Blogging From Paradise and guest posting.

But…..what can I do? Either I turn backwards toward less and less success or I move forward toward more success. Turning backward means I help less people because I crave comfort. Moving forward means I help more people because I am willing to edge outside of my comfort zone.

At the end of the day, no question genuinely exists. I need to move forward because I went too far to turn around in the blogging game. I likely will not blog for the remainder of my human life but I will take this onward and upward to see where it goes. However, many of my fellow bloggers turn back on being blinded by the light of success. Some bloggers fear taking on increased responsibility. Other bloggers fear being pitched. Yet other bloggers fear being criticized or rejected. In all cases, either feel the fear to move forward or resist the fear to move backward.

Why would you step into reverse with distractions? Some bloggers experience a tiny bit of success but immediately spend the remainder of their day watching YouTube or Netflix. How can you ever grow your blogging campaign into something meaningful and special if you give most daily attention and energy to distracting yourself with:

  • Netflix?
  • YouTube?
  • food?
  • gossip?

Either you grow or regress. No in between exists, even if you appear to be stuck in a blogging holding pattern. Decide to grow no matter how scary growth seems to be. Growing by moving forward is the only sane choice. Regressing by moving backwards is not sane at all.

Take on Greater Responsibility

I recorded a video reminding you to take on greater responsibility.

Check it out here:

Take on Greater Responsibility

People often fear taking on greater responsibility for some fear of losing freedom. But one can only gain freedom by being more responsible because helping more people allows you to become a more successful blogger. Temporarily, you may appear to give up some free time offline to work more blogging hours but becoming a more successful blogger allows you to enjoy more time offline over the long haul.

Release any idea of sacrifice to understand that increasing your blogging responsibilities feels good because being truly helpful is the root cause of happiness. Feeling good about helping more people frees you from blogging over the long haul because passive success finds generous, persistent, patient bloggers who take on the greatest responsibility for a long period of time.

Move forward by shouldering more blogging responsibility. Never move backwards by trying to lessen your blogging responsibilities. Of course, outsourcing a high volume of blogging work is one way to work less and less while experiencing greater blogging success. But most bloggers do not have the budget or risk tolerance to walk that blogging path.

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