Do You Add the Human Touch to Your Blogging Campaign?

Do You Add the Human Touch to Your Blogging Campaign? 2
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I enjoy mass approving friends and the like on Facebook and LinkedIn from time to time to make buddies and to observe how bloggers operate.

One group of odd folks I approve send me Messages or comments a few seconds after approval:



….as a free gift for our bond, here is this so and so business opportunity lead in masked as a free gift but I just want to mainly use you for your money because I see people as dollar signs, not as human beings.

Most people really do mean well. But allowing fear and its cousin ego to call the shots de-humanizes people into tools for use to mind traffic, money, business and influence. The moment you no longer see a human being online you do strange things like engaging in business-speak and other weird activities. In a way, you become less human too because anytime you intend to use people as things you see yourself as some mindless thing, too. We are all connected. How you treat the world is how you treat yourself.

One of the oddest, strangest and most bizarre errors I see bloggers make: dehumanizing humans. Add a human touch to your blogging campaign. See people as being on the other side of the internet. See humans reading their phones. Picture living, breathing people reading your blog, commenting, sharing, buying and hiring. Humanizing your blogging campaign makes blogging easier and easier. Not going down this road makes blogging tougher and tougher.

A collection of people I bonded with on LinkedIn recently sent me messages. Each one was BS manipulation. Even though the individuals likely meant well I had a tough time trying to read a messages clearly designed to get me to do something for them when the individuals pitched me by first trying to be my friend and then by trying to get me to join their event.

Stop trying to get people to do stuff for you. Do stuff for other people and cut the strings of attachment to get connected, to enjoy the blogging journey and to succeed. Blog like my buddy Sue-Ann Bubacz; be genuine, generous and make blogging a fun game versus some strained, forced experience.

How about friend requesting me, thanking me for approving you then Liking my recent few updates after reading both the updates and Blogging From Paradise posts shared via the updates? Aha! THAT is the secret. Bloggers like Sazzadul Like almost all of my updates on LinkedIn and Facebook. He is a true friend! Sazzadul understands this: becoming a successful blogger involves helping people generously. He humanizes his blogging campaign. He helps me. He never looks for anything in return. He even allowed me to guest post on his blog freely; I can write and publish posts at any time. Sazzadul allows me to approve-publish my guest posts here. How cool is that?!

HE understands how to be a genuine friend. Follow his lead. Observe how he operates on LinkedIn and Facebook. Give freely. Be a human. See fellow bloggers as human beings versus seeing bloggers as a ways and means of making money, growing your email list or expanding your business. Business comes later, AFTER humanizing, serving and being patient. Making money online without selling your soul involves ample generous service, trust and detachment from the blogging process. One develops these qualities solely by seeing themselves and fellow humans as co-creating for each other versus trying to use one another for financial gain.


Do you need to become a more productive blogger?

Humanizing your blogging campaign energizes you to be productive.

But watching this video can help you reach the next level of blogging productivity.

Check it out here:

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