Do You Really Work at Blogging?

Do You Really Work at Blogging? 2
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Blogging gives you what you give blogging.

Blogging also gives most bloggers little because most give little to blogging.

Do you really work at blogging? I mean…..REALLY? Be honest with yourself. Blogging requires a full time commitment well before you make full time money. Most feel highly uncomfortable with this basic blogging truth because most have a difficult time working for free. Most want something for nothing. You and I typically learn to work jobs for a paycheck. Blogging works quite differently. Similar to any business, first you work for a bit to lay the foundation for your blogging business. Skills, exposure and credibility expand to professional levels, eventually.

Nobody knows the specific time frame for this building period before steady money flows to you. Rest assured, one blogs for free or some scratch for months to years before going pro. Perhaps you work for free for months before earning your first cent. But you will work for free for years before generating a full time income through blogging. Be realistic. Never raise expectations beyond reasonable levels because doing so leads to delusional pining, guaranteed to derail your blogging campaign.

After a fun but busy day settling in to a new house sit learning the ropes from both homeowners I write and publish this guest post at 10:30 PM. What other choice do I have? Either I get the work done or avoid getting work done. Either I distract myself or do not distract myself. Everything is on me. I get that. Everything depends on my willingness to really work at blogging.

Blogging is not as hard as people say but this gig requires making a genuine effort during uncomfortable moments. Putting in time and work when you feel tired or agitated makes the difference between amateur bloggers and pro bloggers. Either you work or do not work. Everything depends on you. Sit with this truth for at least a little bit. Be with this fact. Either you really put in an authentic blogging effort or you do not. No middle ground exists because you do or do not. Everything is your choice.

Some claim to really work at blogging but analyzing their claim reveals a half-hearted blogging effort. Giving blogging a whirl for a few months or even for 1 year is no serious blogging effort. Perhaps you lost a passion for blogging. Feel free to exit stage left. But never claim that blogging does not work if you give it a shot for a few weeks or months. Patience plays a key role in becoming a successful blogger. But working while displaying patience plays an even bigger part of becoming a professional blogger.

Anyone can be patient while doing nothing blogging-wise. But few exhibit patience while blogging generously for years. Diligent bloggers really put in an honest blogging effort for a long time. Count this crowd as future winners because blogging gives you whatever you give blogging. Generous workers receive equally generous results after a sustained period of devout blogging effort. Workers sleep soundly. Bloggers who execute a genuine effort for a long time rest easy knowing that success is on the way.

Check yourself up. See yourself in the light of truth. Look squarely in the mirror. Give yourself the gift of honesty. I had to double down a few weeks ago; I had not honestly given a true blogging effort for a while because a part of me feared giving freely. I secretly wanted a bit too much in return for my efforts. But seeing myself in the light of truth goaded me to be truly helpful for folks. I put the spotlight on fellow bloggers via a genuine guest posting campaign. Writing, publishing and promoting guest posts on a series of blogging tips blogs tipped the scales in terms of nudging forward, success-wise. Making this shift occurred when I asked if I was being truly helpful, waiting for a clear answer and proceeding in an honest direction, to be a bit more generous.


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