Why Outreach Resistant Bloggers Struggle

Why Outreach Resistant Bloggers Struggle 2
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Sometimes bloggers ask me to do them a favor. Perhaps some figure I may review their blog in a positive light. Or maybe I can write them a glowing endorsement.

But most of these bloggers are strangers. I have no idea:

  • who they are?
  • what they do?
  • how skilled they are?
  • what their reputation is like?

How can I endorse someone I do not know? Would *you* endorse a stranger? Why would you put your:

  • name
  • reputation
  • credibility
  • business
  • brand

on the line for a stranger you do not know? Do you see why pitching a pro blogger as a complete and utter stranger is a bad idea? No pro blogger endorses strangers because the definition of endorsement from the Oxford Dictionary is:

“an act of giving one’s public approval or support to someone or something.”

I cannot give public approval to someone I do not know! Would YOU publicly approve someone you do not know? Of course you would NEVER approve someone if you do not know them. Do you support someone you do not know? Do you count yourself a fan of a stranger? No sane blogger endorsements or supports a stranger because you can only support or endorse someone you know, trust and believe in.

What about the case of bloggers who had a single contact with a professional blogger? Can these single contact bloggers get an endorsement or pitch? Nope; especially when you pitch a professional blogger, 1000’s to 10,000 plus bloggers and readers likely had a single contact with the individual. Standing out from 1000 human beings who had a single contact is virtually impossible in a world of blogger outreach conscious bloggers who have 10, 20 or 1000 contacts or more.

1000’s of bloggers reached out and initiated a single contact before vanishing for months or years. I cannot remember one human being based on a single contact because 100’s of human beings make 100’s to 1000’s of contacts with me. My mind and heart only has room for human beings who:

  • earn my attention
  • gain my trust
  • show me love again and again and again

and my mind and heart has little room for folks who reach out once, then vanish, until they want something from me years down the road.

Outreach resistant bloggers struggle because they are strangers on the outside looking in. Bloggers who ignore outreach struggle horribly by trying to FORCE strangers to trust them or by trying to convince a stranger that they are worth their time. Avoid this foolish approach; strangers avoid you because strangers do not trust you. Get busy helping a high volume of pro bloggers in your niche. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. Earn their trust. Gain credibility in their eyes. Prove that you are interested in helping them, NOT in trying to squeeze something out of them.

I appreciate bloggers who pitch me but have no interest in the 1000s of bloggers who solely want to use me for something like:

  • an endorsement
  • a testimonial
  • a genuine blog comment
  • a retweet
  • a Facebook Share

when said blogger put in no time and energy to build a strong relationship with me through their generous service. I have no time for bloggers who have no time for me. I have no energy for bloggers who have no energy for me. Bloggers who do not network have a terrible time trying to convince wary strangers to trust them.

Blogger outreach pros build a huge, loyal, blogger buddy network who trusts them 100% and:

  • publishes glowing endorsements
  • publishes positive reviews
  • shares supportive testimonials
  • buys products
  • hires pro bloggers for their services

without the blogger outreach pro asking for a darn thing!

All help flows to me organically. I ask no one to do anything. Why? My blogging buddies trust me through all the generous service I gave to them. Trusting me, they help grow my traffic and build my business organically, without me asking them to do it because human beings support who they love and trust.


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