Why Blogging Hard Work Is Not the Answer

Why Blogging Hard Work Is Not the Answer 2
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Imagine writing and publishing 5 posts daily for your blog.

Picture writing and publishing 5 guest posts daily.

At the end of the month you tally 300 posts. But your traffic and profits did not increase much during that month of 300 posts. Why? Hard work scared you into forcing 300 posts onto the blog-o-sphere. Hard work nudged you into creating a mountain of content but what about:

  • targeting?
  • optimizing?
  • picking blogs for guest posting aligned 100% with your blogging niche?
  • publishing valuable content on topics aligned with your reader’s problems?

Unless you publish content clearly designed to solve your reader’s problems you will have difficulties succeeding online. Working hard by grinding out 100s of posts monthly is not the answer because mindlessly trudging forward from scarcity leads to failure or mediocre results, at best. Pushing yourself to blog does not work. Pushing yourself is forcing yourself to do something. Force negates because force is fear. Bloggers who use fear for motivation wind up working long and hard to succeed online. But the harder you work now the harder you need to work down the road in order to amplify your blogging success.

Working hard discounts:

  • intelligence
  • generosity
  • poise
  • peace of mind
  • targeting
  • optimizing

Taking blogging action is part of the success equation but never from a hard work, forced, strained, resistance energy. Smart play saves the day. Bloggers who go pro spend years blogging before going pro because their love of blogging pulls them through ups and downs. Everyone else quits because their love of money goals frustrates penniless (in terms of blogging profits) bloggers who lose their motivator the split second money goals do not manifest.

Hard work is never the answer because working hard is for animals. Pack mules work hard. Water buffaloes work hard. No thought, feeling, deep intelligence, articulation or discernment is involved when you say to yourself:

“I am gonna publish 30 blog posts today no matter what.”

Publishing 30 thin, non-targeted blog posts does nothing for your targeted traffic and blogging profits solely because money responds to qualities other than non-targeted, thin blog posts. Never mind how trying to succeed solo always leads to blogging failure. Blogging is a team sport. We succeed together. In truth, the more you help fellow bloggers the less hard you work because friends do what you cannot do. Blogging buddies like Vishwajeet Kumar and Mudassir Ahmed routinely promote me while I sleep, hike or do other stuff offline. I never work 18 hour days like a beast because blogging friends do ample promoting for me.

However, I put in time, effort and service to strengthen bonds with Vishwajeet and Mudassir on a consistent basis. I promote guest posts published on their blogs through my Twitter account. I also link to their valuable blogs via posts to both shine the spotlight on them and to give readers rich blogging resources. Not working hard never means NOT moving into action at all; action is part of the successful blogging equation. But having fun helping people (aka, blogging by creating and connecting) is the leveraging, intelligent, enjoyable work pro bloggers execute to succeed online.

Think deeply about your blogging campaign. Do you set yourself up to work hard like a beast down the road? Or do you leverage yourself and your presence to make blogging easier, easier and easier? I published 1000s of blog posts and 1000s of guest posts on buddies’ blogs. Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube can vanish tomorrow but those 1000’s and 1000’s of blog posts plus guest posts remain, accelerating my success and helping fellow bloggers on real estate I own, and they own.

Sage advice from my blogging buddy Julie Syl Kalungi stuck with me. She said years ago how work you do today is work you never need to do again from a cumulative effect. Once you lay a brick to build a home you never need to lay *that* brick again, even though you will lay more bricks tomorrow. I adopted that mentality to avoid working like a pure, mindless beast for years, laying a blogging foundation for me to experience more passive blogging success.

After all, we are entrepreneurs who happen to blog, not just bloggers. Business owners who have a vision see themselves selling their business down the road or setting up a 100% passive business model in most cases, in the future. Otherwise, you may as well be working a job, your business being the employer and you being the employee.


2 thoughts on “Why Blogging Hard Work Is Not the Answer”

  1. Ryan, I love this post and it resonates with me as I hit a place recently where I struggled with blending my blogging, work for clients, and full-time caregiving for both parents.

    I knew something inside me needed to change when I hit a place of discouragement and frustration and even fear with my work and blogging commitments.

    Largely triggered by some painful emotions around my mom and dad’s health and becoming emotionally drained.

    It took me some time to lean into and clear what was happening. It felt like a rock bottom moment.

    Fear, resistance, and pain first had to be felt and released, and changes needed to happen. So freeing when we deal with what is seemingly holding us back! Hugs friend to you and Kelli!

    1. I am so happy that through this challenging time Cori you are leaning into fear and unwinding from it all. Beautiful to see. I too experienced some big growth over the prior 6 months or so by realizing facing fear – not working hard – is one answer to the successful blogging frame of mind. Love and hugs 🙂

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