Blogger Outreach: The Ultimate Traffic Builder

Blogger Outreach: The Ultimate Traffic Builder 2
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Do you have a terrible time driving blog traffic?

Struggling with traffic issues feels frustrating sometimes.

But I have a sweet solution to your blog traffic ills.

Come in closer. Here it is…..

Engage in a genuine, generous blogger outreach campaign. Blogger outreach is a powerful way to increase blog traffic quite quickly. The trick is being as generous as possible in helping fellow bloggers. Bloggers generally do outreach wrong because reaching out to GET turns off most bloggers. I love generous bloggers and befriend generous bloggers.

Stingy, self-centered bloggers never quite grab my attention span because these folks focus on themselves and their needs before thinking about others. How can you befriend fellow bloggers if you seem stuck entirely on yourself? As always, being generous and genuine precedes your success.

Be Generous

Comment genuinely on blogs from your niche. Promote bloggers on your blog and through social media. Buy blogger eBooks and blogger courses. Ask for nothing. Allow your generosity to open doors to strong blogging friendships. A growing group of bloggers you help simply do the same for you. Some comment genuinely on your blog. Other bloggers promote you on their blog.

Some bloggers promote you on Twitter. 5, 10 or 20 bloggers promoting you via their blogs and Twitter just increased your blog traffic by 50-100 people for the day, or perhaps you experience a bigger traffic surge. What opened the door? Why did bloggers promote you? Your genuine, generous commitment to blogger outreach inspired fellow bloggers to promote you, to endorse you and to boost your blog traffic.

Genuine blogger outreach helps you avoid blogger burnout, too. I stepped away from the laptop for hours today to do my yoga, to meditate and to walk around town with my wife. My blogging buddies promoted me while I was offline and pretty much promote me around the clock, whether I am sleeping or waking, or working, or resting.

Doing blogger outreach effectively helps you experience the freedom of being a professional blogger. Plus, you avoid solo-act-induced burnout that plagues bloggers 100% reliant on their efforts for their blogging success, one of the more common blogging mistakes we often see.

Never blog solo. Failure and quitting follows. Build your blog on a sound blogger outreach campaign to better enjoy freedom and to slowly, steadily increase your blogging traffic and blogging profits. Be about teamwork to make the dream work.

Blogger outreach – done right – is giving focused, not getting focused. Traffic builds through your generous service. Be helpful to as many bloggers as possible to make the greatest online impact. Effective blogger outreach is giving then cutting the strings to be attractive to fellow bloggers.  Do not ask for promotion, backlinks or anything. Giving solely to get turns off virtually all other bloggers because we feel like we are being used or manipulated in these cases.

Give freely to make friends with fellow bloggers. All the traffic and profits you could ever want eventually flow your way if you patiently, persistently give of your time and talents. Be a servant. Humble yourself. Receiving organic traffic and profits through a generous, genuine blogger outreach campaign gets easier and easier as your generosity expands. The secret is to keep helping people freely.

Face your fears. Fear is the sole reason why bloggers resist being generous. Bloggers fear not getting enough in return for their generous service rendered. Cut right through that energy. Feel it. Face it. Hug it. Release it. Proceed to be as generous as humanly possible – yeah; that generous – to lay the foundation for a successful blogger outreach campaign and to accelerate your blogging success.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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