How Are You Scaling Your Blogging Campaign?

How Are You Scaling Your Blogging Campaign? 2
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I read this post from Darren at Pro Blogger a few moments ago:

How to Make Money Blogging as an Affiliate

He stressed the benefits of bloggers working affiliate marketing channels. Affiliate marketing is scaling; sell what others already created to save your time and to earn profits.

I then read this post from Janice at Mostly Blogging:

7 Consumer Generated Marketing Examples to Use Now

She stressed how consumer generated marketing expands business. Consumer generated marketing is scaling; consumers spread your word through their testimonials to increase your profits.

Both Darren and Janice use scaling to accelerate their blogging success. I scale too. Note my comments published in response to both posts mentioned. Genuine blog commenting is scaling. Darren and Janice collectively boast 100,000’s of readers. Commenting genuinely on their blogs scales my blogging presence because I gain exposure in front of 300,000 to 400,000 plus readers for both comments I published today.

Scaling is reaching as many people as possible per action. Focus on per action. If I published 4 posts today to Blogging From Paradise I could never reach the 300 K to 400 K readers I reached collectively through the comments I published on Pro Blogger and Mostly Blogging. Sazzadul blessed me with an opportunity to scale by inviting me to guest post on Blog CD. He allowed me to increase my presence as I scale every time I publish a guest post on his blog.

Do You Scale?

Do you scale effectively? How do you scale through your blogging campaign? Or do you resist scaling? Most blogging struggles grow out of resisting scaling. Bloggers fear guest posting. Some bloggers fear wasting time publishing genuine blog comments. Vanity-poisoned bloggers resist opening affiliate channels for intending solely to create, self-publish and sell only their own items.

I have resisted scaling. I have scaled. Of course, scaling makes blogging easier and not scaling makes blogging tougher. Blogging became easier the moment I became an Amazon Associate. I sold my products along with a high volume of other helpful products produced by skilled bloggers. Scaling gave me access to a richer library of beneficial products to sell. Our community benefited from my decision to become an affiliate.

Meanwhile, struggling bloggers try to do everything on their own steam. Attempting to do it all your way through your efforts rejects notions of scaling. In a world of connected, successful bloggers who scale, 100% of lone wolf, failing bloggers who resist scaling eventually quit. Either you work together to reach a big audience or you work solo to reach little to no audience.

Every massive business scales brilliantly. Jeff Bezos is worth almost $200 billion because consumer generated content via reviews published by potentially 200 million people monthly heavily drives the site. He and his employees only take the company so far. Potentially 200 million human beings who publish reviews create the content that drives the site. Bezos may be the most effective scaler in the history of mankind because he influenced 200 million monthly users to build his $200 billion net worth and such mammoth exposure that most of the world knows the name “Amazon”.

Mark Zuckerberg scaled to influence 2 in 7 human beings to join his site. User generated content drives Facebook. He and his employees can only do so much. However, 2 billion human beings creating user generated content scaled his site to iconic levels of global exposure. Most of humanity knows about Facebook based on his masterful scaling.

Scale your blog.

Scaling Ideas

  • publish detailed guest posts on blogs aligned with your niche
  • publish genuine, thorough blog comments on top blogs from your niche
  • open affiliate marketing income streams to profit through other entrepreneur’s creations

Either you scale or fade away in a blogging world of pros who scale masterfully.

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