Pro Blogging: Intuition Versus Logic

Pro Blogging: Intuition Versus Logic 2
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I intuitively felt the pull to publish long-form, SEO-optimized blog posts a half a year ago.

All felt good.

Logically, driving Google traffic made sense, too. I even preached the benefits of long-form content to aid you on your blogging journey.

But I woke up this morning intuitively feeling like writing and publishing a short-form blog post would be:

  • fun
  • freeing
  • beneficial to you

Logically, this post will not rank on Google. But intuitively, does a post only yield value if it ranks on page 1 of Google? Millions of human beings benefit from content not discovered on Google. Tens of thousands of bloggers benefit from content not found on Google. I wrote and published this guest post because although logic has its place, intuition wins. Intuition knows.

How often do you imprison yourself in the jail or sole logic? Consider how logical thinking crippled your blogging campaign. Logically, I could refrain from writing this guest post because it may not rank on Google. Not ranking means a large global audience likely will not see the post. But intuitively I know it is the way. My gut tells me helping people in this fashion feels:

  • fun
  • freeing
  • liberating
  • beneficial to me and you

I cannot logically put your cyber finger on the factor. Why? Logic sees blindly compared to limitless intuition.

Re-read the prior sentence to understand why leaders often abandon logic in favor of a vision. Logically, every outstanding individual who reaches the top of their industry had to let go logic because based on raw, mechanical thinking, their venture would never work out. How could your venture work if no one did it before, in many cases? Logic screams what cannot be done in favor of following sheeple to keep doing what most people are doing. Take a look around. Do you want to do what most people do? Most seem depressed, upset and beaten. Do not take that same depressing path.

Logic has its place as far as a guide to establish order. For example, I wrote this blog post from an intuitive pull to publish content. But I logically opened Blog CD and followed specific, clear rules to create a sense of order to the guest posting process. Logically, using short, frequent paragraphs makes for easier scanning, reading and comprehending. Linking to value resources via Blog CD and other blogs makes sense, logically.

Never make logic the enemy. Thinking about these orderly lines can create peace of mind in a chaotic blogging world. But avoid depending solely on blogging logic because it cannot see what your intuition knows is your most freeing, fun and liberating blogging path beneficial to all.

I woke up to hear the small, still voice goad me to write this guest post. But my intuition may tell me to pump the brakes on guest posting after publishing this piece. I have no idea. I listen, learn and proceed.

Follow your intuition. Allow your blogging gut to guide you. Perhaps you totally abandon blogging logic at various points on your journey. Cool. Be with this pull. Maybe you completely ignore proven, seemingly sound blogging advice I have offered since feeling a pull toward SEO-optimizing blog posts back 6 months ago. Cool. Be with your inner pull.

Trust your gut.

It knows.

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