How Does Blogging Criticism Benefit You?

How Does Blogging Criticism Benefit You? 2
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Being criticized scares most bloggers shell-shocked from earlier forms of criticism.

I felt terrified to be criticized for a hefty chunk of my blogging career. Why? Being criticized unearthed bad feelings in my mind including:

  • anger
  • embarrassment
  • shame
  • anxiety
  • worry

For example, if some published a critical 1 star review concerning one of my eBooks I felt:

  • angry that the miserable jerk tried to embarrassment me, humiliate me or damage my blogging business in a public setting
  • enraged that the coward would never say the same thing to my face
  • embarrassed that my good work appeared to be crap, amplified in a public environment

But each feeling of anger, rage and embarrassment rested solely in my mind. Critics just revealed my fears in my mind to me. Instead of feeling bad about receiving criticism I learned to feel good about receiving criticism because observing negative feedback revealed what REALLY was in my mind.

Being criticized about your blog reveals your TRUTHFUL mindset about yourself and your blog.

Blogging criticism lobbed your way benefits you by introducing fears buried in your mind that need to be felt and released for you to:

  • help more people
  • be more successful

Let me give you a glowing example of why being criticized helps you.

Receiving a few negative reviews and harsh, biting blog comments triggered fears in my mind manifest as rage, shame and a general feeling of being garbage. I faced, felt and released these feelings of rage, shame and worthlessness to allow in peaceful, generous, prospering, confident bloggers like Santosh Gairola, who has kindly promoted me and purchased eBooks of mine for many years.

I could never connect with such a peaceful person if I clung to the emotions of fear-rage-war in my mind. Nor could I connect with a confident person if I harbored unconfident, unworthy fears in my mind. Do you see how criticism helps you? Criticism lobbed your way triggers fears that you need to feel and release to align with kind people who increase your traffic and profits. Plus, releasing these fears triggered by critics allows in more loving, loyal friends, fans and brand advocates who grow your traffic and business.

Picture criticism triggering fears you need to face in order to align with the love consistent with blogging success. Big blog traffic awaits after you feel long-buried fears related to a general feeling that you do not deserve blog traffic. Bigger blogging profits sit behind the fears triggered by critics related to not deserving money. In many ways, critical people are your best blogging teachers because they show you what you do not want to see in yourself, those hidden emotions behaving like anchors, holding you back.

The old me wanted to fight critics. I wanted to debate these people. But now I realize the fight-debate emotions were fears in my mind that needed to go if I wanted to connect with loving friends, loyal fans and customers. Being criticized purges the resistance to make room for greater ease. Facing fears critics trigger leads to love that supportive friends await to bring to your blogging campaign. However, facing fear feels uncomfortable. No one enjoys feeling ashamed. Who likes feeling embarrassed? Most bloggers prefer to avoid facing uncomfortable fears even if this aversion prevents their blogging success.

Ultimately, you choose to be uncomfortable for a few moments to accelerate your success or to prevent your success through aversion. Choose freedom. Select success. Learn from criticism to free yourself and to help your readers in the process.


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