Why Pro Blogging Is No Popularity Test

When blogging what are some things to consider
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Pro bloggers earn coin by helping targeted, interested, qualified human beings.

Pro bloggers do not make money if a large number of people become aware of pro bloggers.

Becoming a pro blogger is not a popularity contest.

Posted by Ryan Biddulph on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Did you watch me discuss why blogging is no popularity contest? Bloggers often lose their way. Some obsess over numbers. Others crave being known by a big number of people. But being popular does not lead to a pro blogging career. Who cares if a large number of disinterested people know of you?

Disinterested people do not:

  • buy your products
  • buy your eBooks
  • endorse you
  • promote you
  • spread your word
  • hire you

Imagine gaining 1000 blog followers but all 1000 seem to be casual, non-targeted people. Does being popular among 1000 non-targeted, disinterested people put money in your pocket? Nope. Does being popular among 1000 blase people boost return, quality blog traffic for you? Nope.

Being popular does not increase your blogging success.

Targeting your blogging campaign increases your blogging success.


Target your readership.

Publish posts based on reader needs. Make sure readers fit your customer avatar. Stay on topic. Always. Guest post only on blogs in your niche. Spend virtually all of your time and energy serving people 100% interested in your blogging niche. Spend little time doing anything else.

I doubled down on targeting recently because I became busy traveling the USA again. I have little time to spend outside of my blogging tips niche. I target because I do not have the luxury of spending time helping people outside of my blogging tips niche.

Popular Bloggers May or May Not Succeed

Popular bloggers may succeed if targeting precedes their fame because qualified readers intrigued by what bloggers do grow your blog into a professional venture. But popular bloggers often fail because this crowd chases vanity metrics versus targeting their readership.

Every person who knows of you but has little interest in your blog pads vanity metrics but adds nothing to your bottom line. Imagine if 500 people know of you but care less about your blogging niche.

500 people who do not:

  • follow your blog loyally
  • buy your products
  • hire you
  • endorse you
  • publish positive eBook reviews
  • promote you on their blogs
  • promote you through social media

do nothing for your bottom line. This disinterested crowd does not increase your blog traffic, boost your blogging profits or grow your blogging business.

Perhaps it feels good to be known by 500 human beings but if the 500 people care less about you, your blog and your products/services, the 500 number is a worthless, useless vanity metric. Who cares?

Pay Little Attention to Numbers

Pay little attention to numbers suggesting your popularity. Numbers are useless. Numbers cannot do anything.

Pay close attention to generously serving human beings who love what you do. Loyal readers fan the flames under your blogging business growth.

Get out of your ego and into helping other people. Helpful bloggers succeed. Bloggers focused on vanity metrics fail.

Numbers are not sentient. Being popular means little to nothing because being known by a large group of humans has nothing to do with serving highly targeted, interested fans who grow into loyal customers. Build your blogging campaign around attracting hungry fans who follow you diligently versus trying to get any human being to know who you are.


Pro blogging is no popularity contest.

Have fun helping interested human beings. Target your blogging campaign.

Loyal readers matter most for building a thriving blogging business.

Being popular does not matter. Being helpful to interested parties matters most.


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