Pro Blogging Tip: Be Posturing to Profit

Pro Blogging Tip: Be Posturing to Profit 2
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I promote one of my eBooks through all guest posts. Why? I built blogging posture. I snapped that featured image in Fiji – look up – because I have posture. Why beat around the bush? I guest post to help you predominantly but also grow my blogging business through these posts. My eBooks help you too.

Selling eBooks helps me profit. We both benefit. But I had to face fears in order to blog from a posturing energy. I used to fear promoting myself because I clung to weird fears concerning money. Facing, feeling and releasing these fears let me move in a posturing direction.

Posture also plays a chief role in loving the blogging journey stress-free. I do not negotiate prices. Nor do I barter with anyone. My pricing model is based on a “take it or leave it” approach. Either you pay or move on. No big deal.

But less confident, less posturing bloggers stress over pricing for products and services because this crowd allows fear of loss to influence their pricing model. Imagine if someone comes along asking for your sponsored post price. You quote $100. Someone complains how your expensive price does not fit into their budget.

Fearing loss and lacking posture, you begin bartering with cheap bloggers, falling like a house of cards. How do you succeed in growing a thriving blogging business on the back of cheap, budget bloggers? Guaranteed, the budget blogger above promised to buy a quantity of 20 sponsored posts for $5 per post. Good luck on going pro based on making $5 per sponsored post every 3-6 months.

Here’s how I do it as a pro blogger: someone reaches out to me, I quote my prices and let the person go. Take it or leave it. If someone states how my price does not fit into their budget I reply:

“All the best :)”

I smile and wish them the best because I already let them go. Either take my price or leave it. I do not barter. I run a business, not a bartering service. Either the person pays my rate and we move forward or I let the person go. I only work with serious clients. I release everybody else.

Building posture means being detached from the business-building process. No attachment to clients, customers or business partners means you blog from a posturing, confident, clear energy, knowing how all business flows to you, versus you chasing business from a panicked, frenzied energy.

Building posture involves connecting with successful bloggers and releasing desperate bloggers. I explain in a video I recorded in Fiji a while back. Watch it here:

1 Tip for Connecting with Successful Bloggers

Build posture. Surround yourself with confident bloggers. Buy my blogging posture building eBook. Learn from pros. Learning only from seasoned pros is key because left to your own devices, most bloggers have the posture of a blogging jellyfish; no backbone.

How do you succeed if you fall like a house of cards the moment someone barters with you? I barter with no one. Do doctors barter? Do lawyers barter? Does the cashier at the grocery store barter? Why would you barter?

Be confident, clear and posturing. Value yourself as much as you value prospective customers. Be generous with yourself by remaining firm with your pricing. If you are generous with readers why not be generous with yourself? This is the starting point to being a posturing blogger. Be generous by charging premium pricing. Never lower your pricing based on someone’s fears.

Raise your pricing to move into higher, more prospering blogging circles. Being confident, clear and posturing boosts your blogging income because people respond favorably to your posture, literally and figuratively buying in to you and your blog.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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