Do You Possess Blogging Skills?

Do You Possess Blogging Skills? 2
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Why would anyone buy my eBook?

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

People buy my eBook because of my blogging skills. I possess blogging skills because I spent many hours:

  • practicing my writing
  • publishing helpful content
  • building strong blogging friendships
  • monetizing my blog

Putting in time and energy gives you blogging skills. The time and energy commitment spans years and many thousands of hours, time spent being well worth your freedom.

Without blogging skills, no one follows your blog, buys your stuff or hires you. No one prospers you. Business growth stalls, or, never takes off. Skills make the difference. Skills make the pro blogger.

But why do few bloggers possess blogging skills?

Few Bloggers Look Within to Succeed

All blogging success flows from within you. All skills flow from within you, based on your:

  • mindset
  • commitment
  • practice

However, most bloggers believe success flows from:

  • tools
  • techniques
  • hacks
  • shortcuts
  • strategies
  • other bloggers

These bloggers skip practice, develop no skills and fail because these bloggers believe success flows from outside of them, versus from within them.

Develop Your Skills

Good old fashioned practice develops your blogging skills. From there, being more skilled increases your traffic and profits.

Observe this guest post. I develop my blogging skills a bit more through these 600 plus words. Formatting skills? Check. Writing skills? Check. Guest posting skills? Check. I become a little bit more skilled. I also gain a little bit more exposure. I position myself to increase my targeted traffic and blogging profits, too.

Every sweet success unfolds because *you* chose to practice blogging. You developed your blogging skills. You positioned yourself to succeed.

How to Frame Blogging

See blogging being somewhat similar to being a doctor or lawyer. No blogger needs to go to med school or pass the bar exam but bloggers need to spend thousands of hours developing their blogging skills to succeed. Practicing blogging daily feels challenging sometimes. Pros practice diligently. Amateurs surrender at the first moment of discomfort.

Do you crave freeing blogging success? Commit 100% to developing your blogging skills through patient, persistent blogging practice. Write daily in a Word document. Publish at least 1 blog post weekly. Read and comment genuinely on 5 blogs from your niche daily.

Blogging is a skills profession. Pro bloggers spend years practicing to become skilled enough to go pro.

Shortcuts do not exist. Even if you had access to a time travel machine, you would still skip all the critical practice you need to develop blogging skills.

Tips for Developing Your Blogging Skills

Set aside 2-3 hours for blogging daily. Devote a chunk of your day solely to developing your blogging skills.

Invest in tools to keep yourself motivated during tough blogging stretches. Buy my goal-achieving eBook to refer to when times get tough. Keep developing your blogging skills through good times and bad times.

Focus on developing a few core skills. Write daily and network daily to develop core, critical skills for increasing your traffic and business.

Blogging gives you what you give blogging. Remember this to pull yourself through rough spots. Blogging serves as the perfect mirror, reflecting back to you your time and energy commitment.


Blogging success responds to your skills. Sear this idea onto your mind to energize yourself for persistent blogging practice sessions.

Commit completely to developing your skills through patient, persistent practice. Be all in. Success appears to flow from outside of you but all success really flows from within you.

Practice, practice and practice some more to become a highly skilled blogger. All success flows to bloggers fully committed to developing, honing and owning their skills through persistent practice.

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