When Blogging What Should You Consider?

When blogging what are some things to consider
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When blogging what are some things to consider?

Blogging feels fun but confusing. How does this online gig even work? Is blogging just writing and publishing blog posts?

Mass confusion pervades the blogging niche because blogging is super easy to start; whip out your credit card, buy your domain and hosting. Since blogging feels easy to start, most bloggers foolishly believe blogging to go pro is easy, too. Absolutely not.

When blogging what are some things to consider?

Keep these ideas in mind before you dive into the blogging game. Position yourself to succeed by understanding the truth about blogging before you write and publish your first blog post.

Blogging is a skill. Practicing the skill makes blogging easier. And easier. And easier. NOT practicing the skill of blogging makes blogging oodles tougher. Every single blogger who struggles simply does not practice for thousands of hours. Practice a bunch. Blogging genuinely, honestly becomes easier but you need to wade through scary, uncomfortable periods to keep practicing.

Doing the wrong things guarantees your failure. Blogging yields failure for bloggers who do the wrong things. I do not care if you blog for 15 hour days, 7 days per week, 365 days each year. If you do the wrong things like spamming bloggers, you will fail. Even if you spam folks for 14 hours daily, spanning 10,000 plus hours, you will fail because you cannot force a square peg into a round hole. Try it. Try forcing a square peg into a round hole. Impossible. Spamming people and expecting blogging success is equally impossible because money responds to skills, exposure and credibility, not to spamming.

Doing the right things depends upon following advice from professional bloggers. Invest in my eBook. Invest in my blogging course. Pros teach you how to blog the right way. Doing the right, successful things is the way to become a professional blogger. But following pro advice is the only way to do the right blogging things. No one goes pro unless you follow professional blogging advice. Follow pro’s blogs. Buy their premium resources. Blog the right way by learning from the best bloggers.

No shortcuts to blogging success exist. Do not believe bloggers who offer shortcuts to blogging success. No hack allows you to skip all of the practice necessary to become a thriving, professional blogger. Observe this blog post. I can write it – and do write it – in 15 minutes because I practiced blogging for 15,000 hours. Imagine someone who only practiced blogging for 3 hours. The 3 hour blogger spends hours writing this post because they have no skills, experience and knowledge to call upon. Never take blogging shortcuts. Good things take time and generous effort.

Create and connect to succeed. Blogging is actually quite simple. Create helpful content. Build strong connections with top bloggers in your niche by helping them and asking for nothing in return. Every pro blogger sticks to these fundamentals for quite a long time to go pro. But following these basics challenges you because fears seem to be triggered during the 1000’s of blogging hours you work, over the years. Be with your fears. Feel the fears. Release the fears. Proceed with a simple, proven blogging strategy to succeed over the long haul.

Buy your domain and hosting. Purchase your domain and hosting. Own your online real estate. Never bother with free blogging platforms because if you do not own it, you are part of the blogging product. Free platform owners can and do kick bloggers-users off of free sites for any reason, in a split second. Own your blog. Own your content. Own your brand. Monetize through virtually unlimited income channels. Prosper.

Know why and make it freeing. I keep blogging for 10 plus years and 15,000 hours because I love being free to travel the world. I also love helping bloggers to free themselves through this fun, fascinating, fulfilling online medium. Know why you blog. Tie the reason to something fun and freeing to sustain through rough patches, fears and various types of blogging resistance. No one wins until one loses quite a few times. Blogging to free yourself is the only reason why you do not quit blogging during these periods of loss, struggle, failure and frustration.

Happy blogging 🙂

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