Blogging Advice: Never Listen to Your Inexperience

Blogging Advice: Never Listen to Your Inexperience 2
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For some odd reason, some new bloggers tell me they want to wing it. New bloggers with no experience blogging decide winging it by listening to their inexperience seems like the best idea. I wish I were kidding you. But I am not.

Think how effective this approach seems to be in other areas of life. Perhaps you feel super sick. Google a diagnosis and treatment. Treat yourself. Why not? Even though you have zero experience with being a doctor, why not wing it? Winging it after 40 minutes of research makes far more sense than trusting a doctor with 30 years of medical experience, when you feel horribly ill, correct?

I kid because I care. I care because new bloggers tend to make this terrible error. Bloggers have no experience but decide to trust their inexperience versus listening to professional bloggers with oodles of experience. Pros know how to succeed online. Follow pros who succeeded online in order to succeed online. But alas, some new bloggers who have no idea how to succeed – possessing zero blogging experience – ignore pro advice to trust their own inexperience.

Why would you trust yourself if you have zero blogging experience? Think; how do you know how to start a blog and succeed with blogging? Being armed with zero experience, every shot in the blogging dark you take merely forms a weak stab, a guess, a mindless, ineffective, unintelligent approach. Never trust your inexperience. Never listen to your inexperience.

Blogging successfully requires listening closely to successful bloggers with oodles of experience. Imagine if today you came across a desperate, greedy blogger promising the secret to quick blogging success. In your fear and greed or desperation, this blogger seemed to make sense. Quick blogging success sounds sweet to desperate or greedy bloggers.

But facing, feeling and releasing your deep fears starves any greedy or desperate drivers in your being. Everything begins to unfold clearly around you. You allowed an inexperienced, greedy-desperate blogger to influence you because of your own inexperience. Thank goodness you refused to act on this influence because going down the greedy-desperate blogging path leads to all types of nightmarish headaches.

Been there. Done that. But I had to own the fact that I possessed little experience so would be a fool to trust my blogging inexperience. Be prepared to own the same error in order to grow as a blogger.

Invest money in sound, proven, successful blogging experience. Buy helpful blogging eBooks for thinking like a successful blogger. Take time to follow proven blogging advice to become successful yourself. Never wing it, see what sticks or follow your inexperience because each causes years of horrible blogging struggles.

Have you heard of bloggers who struggle terribly for 5 or 10 years? Do you honestly believe blogging is THAT tough? Of course blogging is not that difficult. Someone having a tough time blogging for a decade simply follows horrible advice. Or someone who struggles for a decade follows their own advice when they still have no idea what they are doing.

Bloggers 10 years into their blogging careers believe how blogging is writing and publishing posts. Seriously? But of course, if you never learn how to blog the right way, you will never cease blogging the wrong way. Follow pros.

Humble yourself. Admit your inexperience. Admit you have no idea how to blog correctly. Invest in premium resources, digest this solid advice and put the successful advice into action persistently. Blogging never needs to be some decade long nightmare. Follow successful advice from pros to cut your learning – and success – curves by years.

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