Pro Blogging Tip: Nobody Succeeds Solo

Pro Blogging Tip: Nobody Succeeds Solo 2
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I scanned my Twitter stream a few moments ago. People @replied me freely. I replied to them. Bonds form. Friends promote me. I promote them.

Every time someone @replies to a tweet, the tweet gains priority in the main stream. Gaining priority in the main stream means more people see the tweet. Views increase. Engagement increases. Clicks increase. Traffic increases. Profits increase. Not overnight. But over the long haul.

I never succeed on Twitter – or blogging-wise – solo because every good thing in life seems to be shared, co-created and pretty much a community project.

Imagine me trying to blog solo. I would tweet my tweets only all day long and never @reply folks. Who would engage me? Not many people. Who would @reply me? Not many people. Guess what happens? Virtually none of my tweets appear in the main stream because no one – or few people – @reply or RT or Like my tweets.

Guess what happens when virtually no one sees your tweets in their main stream? Little to no traffic. Little to no profits. Nothing doing. Bloggers complain about Twitter not working. Or Twitter seems like a poor network for driving traffic and profits. Do not blame the hammer. Blame the carpenter.

Do not blame the tools. Blame the craftsmith. Twitter is a tool. Twitter cannot *do* anything. But human beings do everything as far as tweeting. Twitter works fine, thank you. But you better work it right by @replying people genuinely, frequently and generously, or you will never, ever increase blog traffic and profits.

Scanning this Twitter advice, one sees bloggers never succeed solo because people listen if YOU listen to them. People follow listening, caring, compassionate bloggers.

Based on my stream, you better believe folks tend to buy this Twitter eBook because the author tweets engaging-style. I make blogging a team sport. I tired of being blitzed by bloggers who built communities by being generous, genuine, and kind. Be generous. Be genuine. Persist. Help people. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. Be generous again.

Be genuine again. Make friends. Friends help build your blogging traffic, profits and business. Bar none, networking bloggers who speak to people genuinely reach the top of their niche because blogging buddies help grow their business around the clock. Every other blogger tends to vanish, disappear, fail and quit.

I personally observed the difference between being a lone blogging wolf during early years and building a community in my later years. Building a community required a bunch more work but gave me a bunch more freedom. Success became easier to attain because success rested on the generous efforts of a tribe versus me going solo. Going solo doesn’t work, anyway. Most people ignore lone wolves. No trust. No friends. Lone wolves exude a fear-based vibe. Scared people refuse to network. Humans by nature are social creatures.

By nature, you publish a blog for you AND for other people. If you have no interest in interacting with other human beings, do yourself a favor; publish a cyber diary only for yourself. Success finds generous, connected bloggers who engage a high volume of interested folks daily. Failure largely finds everyone else.

Put in the time. Network generously. Give what you want. Do you want blog traffic? Give blog traffic by promoting bloggers on:

  • Twitter
  • your blog
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Ask for nothing in return. Bloggers befriend you. Blogging buddies promote you on their blogs, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Everything changes the moment you shift from being a blogging lone wolf to building a large, loyal, loving blogging community. Being generous and genuine marks the beginning of this glorious transition.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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