Email Marketing: Best Tools To Help Increase Your Sales

best email marketing tools
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Email marketing is regarded as one of the oldest forms of digital marketing. While some have deemed it to be overtaken by many newer marketing tactics like social media, influencer marketing, and other tactics available these days, email marketing proved to be resilient. Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies you can do to prosper with your business. 

Email marketing remains a top choice for some because of its ability to provide a fantastic ROI. Studies showed that this marketing strategy could generate up to 4,400% return on investment.

Many companies are leveraging this strategy to reach their targeted audience, nurture leads, recapture their market, drive traffic to their website, and more. With 3.9 billion users worldwide, there is excellent potential to grow your brand and increase your sales with email marketing. 

Drive Sales With Email Marketing

Either you are new to these marketing strategies or have been dipping your toes in email marketing for quite a while now; there are many ways you can drive sales and improve your numbers with email marketing. 

Send personalized email

One way for you to rake in positive results with your campaign is to send personalized emails to your subscriber’s list. This strategy involves knowing your audience’s demographics, interests and preferences, needs, and what they are looking for in a brand. Learning all of this about your audience can let you provide them with the right email marketing content. It will give you a higher chance of turning them into your leads. 

Proper segmentation

You cannot send a single email to all those in your subscriber’s list. This move will come out as generic, and there is a big chance that your email will not be opened and will be taken for granted by your recipients. To avoid this, you need to do proper segmentation depending on your target audience’s personalities, preferences, interests, or needs. It can improve your open rate and help augment your sales. 

Work With CTA Buttons

best email marketing tools
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CTA or Call To Action buttons are essentials for your email marketing campaigns. It can be a primary driver to increase click-through rates. CTAs lead your audience to what they have to do next and encourage them to take the next step. Whether they have to make a purchase, read content on your website, register for an event, or reserve a slot for their appointment, CTA will help you guide your customers on the next that you want them to do. 

Be Mobile Friendly

The world is already taken over by mobile technology, and people are now using their mobile phones more than their personal computers. Some have even ditched their desktop or laptop to rely on smartphone devices entirely. Statistics show that online searches done on mobile devices are more than in number than desktop computers around the planet. 

With this trend, you need to make sure that your material adapts to whatever screen size your recipient uses. Your content should be responsive to any screen. Otherwise, your audience will abandon your email copy and delete your materials in the future without even opening it. 

Make Your Content Valuable

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One of the keys to making your email marketing effective is in your content. You need to provide valuable content to your audience to capture their attention and win their interest. If you give a content that is too sales-y, they will ignore your tactic and refrain from opening your next email marketing materials. 

Use Email Marketing Tools

Doing manual email marketing will take too much of your time and effort. To make your process more manageable and more straightforward, you need to use tools and services that will enhance and streamline your strategy. It will help you identify your leads better, close more deals, and rake in more sales. These tools also help you organize your contacts, making it easier for you to implement your tactics. 

Best Email Marketing Tools You Can Consider

These days, there are many available email marketing tools you can find in the market. Depending on your need and the service that you want to avail, you can leverage these tools to level up your game in email marketing. 

1. Constant Contact

One of the fastest-growing email marketing tools today is Constant Contact. It is also the easiest to use, making it beginner’s friendly. It can easily manage your contacts, email templates, email list, and more. This provider offers features like easy tracking and reporting, built-in social media sharing, list segmentation, Facebook ads integration, image library, and eCommerce integration like Shopify. 

Constant Contact is fit for those who are just starting their small business as they also have unmatched customer support. You can connect with them through live chat, email, and phone calls. You can also take advantage of their vast library of resources and community support. 

2. Aweber

Aweber is another excellent option for small and medium-sized businesses to manage their email marketing needs. It is an excellent tool even for those who are starting as this email marketing tool makes it simple to segment your contacts, design your professional-looking email, and start nurturing leads. Aweber has ready to use email templates, which you can use to make fantastic email marketing content. 

Considered as one of the oldest and most popular email marketing service providers, yet many praise it because of its excellent services. Aweber’s features include list management, auto-responders, and email tracking. It also has a superb deliverability team that monitors its servers to ensure that your campaigns are delivered right into your recipients’ inboxes. 

3. MailChimp

MailChimp is a world-renowned email marketing service provider that has millions of users under its name. Many businesses, particularly those who are just starting, are leaning on this provider as it offers a free email marketing service plan. 

This email marketing tool can be flexible enough for any business size. It is flexible enough to be used by established companies yet can be simple enough for those who are just starting to learn the walkabouts of email marketing. It comes with an easy drag-and-drop email builder, autoresponders, segmentation tools, and simple tracking features. Mailchimp easily integrates with other platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and more. 

4. SendinBlue

One of the fastest-growing marketing platforms from Europe, SendinBlue, is a complete SMS and email marketing software for most businesses. Many favor this email marketing platform as it is an easy tool to create highly engaging emails. It has a simple drag-and-drop editor, which is highly favorable for beginners. 

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Another beginner-friendly feature SendinBlue has is its automation tools that allow you to create automated workflows in follow-up emails and transactional emails. You can even select the best time to send your email marketing campaigns with its AI algorithms. 

5. Drip

Drip is an email marketing service tool that works best for eCommerce, digital marketers, and bloggers. This tool can create seamless integration with popular website builders like WooCommerce and WordPress. 

Drip offers a wide range of features like marketing automation and easy content personalization. What sets apart this email marketing tool is its intelligent marketing automation tools, better and smarter email segmentation, excellent features like split testing, list groups, and workflow builder. 

6. Omnisend

Another easy-to-use platform, Omnisend, is an email marketing tool that has omnichannel functionalities. This service provider allows you to control how you want to connect with your target market. 

Omnisend is an excellent way to build a more customized and targeted communication workflow. This feature can help you draw engagement with a specific audience who do not respond well to your email campaigns. You can add email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and more with the automated workflow. This tool offers other top-notch features that are user-friendly, like segmentation, which lets you connect and target the right audience. 

7. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a drag-and-drop tool email editor that boasts of its personalized yet powerful features. Its features are simple and easy, making it friendly for beginners, even those with no email marketing background. 

This email marketing tool is simple, yet it can optimize your strategies and help you create target customer segmentation. Campaign monitor is also best when it comes to personalization as it uses data to help increase your personalized content. 

8. ActiveCampaign

Aside from its email marketing features, ActiveCampaign offers live chat and CRM service to make your marketing strategies easier. Its CRM features allow ActiveCampaign to help you find the right leads for your sales strategies. With the right audience, you can create a more personalized and targeted content that will help your email marketing campaign effective. 

Final Thoughts

While some think that email marketing will soon be a thing in the past, the growing number of businesses leveraging this marketing strategy shows the opposite. Email marketing will remain one of the most effective ways to connect your business, content, products or offerings, and sales promotion to your targeted audience. 

With the best email marketing tools you can find in the market, you can gain a much more positive result raking in. It can improve your engagement with your audience, establish your brand, grow awareness of your business, and increase your sales. 

Find the best marketing tool that would suit your need. Do not settle on the first service provider you encounter. Depending on your needs and goals, check out essential features that can make you email marketing effective. Consider your budget and make sure that whatever email marketing service tool or provider you choose will give you greater functionality that can positively impact your campaigns.

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