What Type of Blog Posts Are There?

What Type of Blog Posts Are There? 2
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But post styles change from niche to niche.

Overall though, blog post types fall into a few different categories.

Bloggers often slam into writer’s block because blog post types seem vague or confusing. No worries. I have a few ideas for you to play around with today.

Peep these 4 blog post idea types to dissolve writer’s block, to increase your traffic and to boost your blogging profits too.

How to Posts

Lay out how to do something. Publish a blog post. This is a common, easy to write blog post type because folks usually want to figure out how to do something and laying out steps to achieve the end is simple and fairly easy, too. Write these posts in simple, clear fashion. Build an outline listing all steps. Flesh out each step. Publish your blog post.

List Style Posts

List style blog posts simply list tips, strategies or anything you want to list to better aid your readers. Travel bloggers may build lists of what to do in a specific city. Personal development bloggers tend to list tips for strengthening your mind. Whatever the list, double figure numbers seem to draw in readers. But never publish a big number post to draw in readers alone. Create value before anything else. 5 to 10 steps, tips or reasons do A-OK, too. Note; longer does not necessarily mean better. 100 tip posts spanning 10,000 plus words do not dominate Google or wow readers. People want blog posts, not eBooks. Keep it short, sweet and brief.

Question Posts

Ask questions. Provide answers via your blog post. Ask probing questions readers bring to you on the regular. List a few in your backoffice. Flesh out solid answers by doing a bit of research and by calling on your personal experience. Question posts stimulate interest because inquiring minds want to know answers to common questions in your niche.

Personal Stories aka Experiences

I love these posts because I have ample experiences to call upon for writing helpful, intimate, personal blogging tips themed posts. Every blogger has at least some experience to share with their readers. Adding your personal touch to posts by sharing wins, failures and all in between gives readers a glimpse into your personal experience. But drilling down deeper gives you a human feel, endearing you to readers. Share your wins. Share your losses. Be open. Be as transparent as possible to draw strong connections to readers.

Whatever the Type

Whatever the blog post type, be most concerned with solving reader problems and inspiring readers to live their dreams. Ask your readers what folks need help with and provide answers through your blog posts. Be a good listener. Tune in to problems. Hit on pain points. Provide freeing solutions. Publish helpful content to grow your traffic and profits.

Beware being a blogging robot. Blogging is emotional, or, feeling-based, more than anything else. Some bloggers work off of a blog post type check list, using logic alone to write posts. But spirit-less writing inspires less than optimal results. Readers want passion, fun, and a palpable energy to posts. Pick your type, and have fun with it. Play with blog posts. Enjoy the process. Your energy reflects through your work.


Do you have a tough time trying to find your blogging voice? Nailing down post types is one step to succeeding with blogging. But ironing out your blogging voice is the next level step that helps you become successful in your niche. I wrote a short, sweet eBook to help you find your writing voice.

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How to Find Your Writing Voice

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