1 Painfully Common Newbie Blogger Mistake to Carefully Avoid

1 Painfully Common Newbie Blogger Mistake to Carefully Avoid 2
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Newbie bloggers face some stiff headwinds during early days.

There is absolutely no way to get around this basic fact. Everyone needs to face, feel and release fears in order to become successful online. No one dances around fears and succeeds just because someone clings to a twinge of passion and excitement, too.

We all recall the mix of excitement and fear during early days. One minute, you imagine yourself being one of the most successful bloggers in the world, some day down the road. The next moment, you have no idea how to write and publish a post in WordPress. Something feels easy until the split second the same thing becomes overwhelming. We have been there…..unless you are a newbie blogger right now. If so, I offer you one piece of advice:

stop pretending you know all you need to know about blogging.

No new blogger knows much at all about blogging. New folks in any discipline have no experience, skills, confidence or clarity. Everyone needs to open their minds from a humble, realistic, relaxed energy to learn, study and practice.

Avoid the common newbie error of believing you know blogging inside-out as a newbie. Some newbies confidently believe they know what it takes to succeed. Publish a bunch of blog posts. Make sweet blogging dough. Other newbies believe winging it is a smart move to hit the ground running.

Do you know who gets ahead stupid fast? New bloggers who admit they know nothing and buy my course and/or eBook for blogging guidance. Being humble is the #1 weapon in your newbie blogger arsenal because humble bloggers get the best advice, follow the best advice and accelerate their blogging success. Humble bloggers admit how they know painfully little about blogging, positioning them to learn blogging from the best bloggers out there.

Imagine buying my blogging course. Buying the course gives you access to years of pro blogging experience. No new blogger has this experience because you have zero experience, just like me during new blogger days and all bloggers during new blogger days. We all begin at zero.

But smart newbies never err in believing that they know it all, or by believing that winging it and learning on the fly is the way to succeed. Imagine winging it as a doctor. Imagine winging it as a lawyer. Imagine winging it for any job above the level of basic, menial labor. No one succeeds winging it and no one succeeds believing they know better than pros with years of experience, in any niche. Forget blogging; any job requires you to learn from pros because you have zero experience, skills and wisdom, as a newbie.

Humble yourself. Blogging is no easy walk in the park. Blogging is a serious skill developed by learning how to blog from pros, then by putting this pro advice into practice daily for years of your life. No shortcuts exist. No overnight success exists. No new blogger figures it out on their own. No beginner blogger wings it to succeed. Blogging requires careful study, patient practice and generous service. But wow, is all this fun, freeing and sometimes uncomfortable study and work, worth it. Freedom awaits you. Freedom means doing what you want, when you want to do it. Freedom means working when you want to work, where you want to work.

I circled the globe for 9 years as a pro blogger. Living in places like Fiji, Bali, Thailand, New Zealand and Costa Rica for months at a time allowed me to live a pretty fulfilling, fun, freeing life. I learned from pro bloggers, put in work and evidence of my work reflected back to me as my pro blogging lifestyle. Success waits to meet you, too, halfway. Simply humble your new blogger eyes, swallow your pride and learn how to blog from top pros. Invest in their premium products and services. Follow their advice. Position yourself to go pro.

Trade your know-it-all status for humble, open-minded, new blogger to change your blogging course instantly.


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