Do You Chase Blogging Strangers or Attract Buying Blogging Buddies?

Do You Chase Blogging Strangers or Attract Buying Blogging Buddies? 2
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Blogging is so much easier if you stop chasing strangers, start generously helping targeted blogging buddies and attract these buyers and hiring types. Really; this is professional blogging done the right way, in a nutshell.

The challenge: squirm through a few scary moments when you help people for free – for quite a long time – before the money arrives. Ego tries to make you panic and bail. But ride out these fears. Feel ’em. Relax into the panic. Allow fear to pass. Proceed to generously help fellow bloggers in your niche, like-minded readers and all folks highly interested in what you have to offer.

Over time, as you blog generously, patiently and persistently, this is what happens:

  • publish blog posts and guest posts
  • promote top bloggers from your niche via your blog and social media
  • comment genuinely on blogs
  • targeted, interested readers buy your eBooks, courses and paperbacks and hire you, too, boosting your blogging profits

The difference-maker? Father Time. Being patient, persistent and generous allows buying readers to show up to your blog, buy your stuff and prosper you. Doesn’t that sound like a fun, freeing way to blog? Imagine publishing a blog post, sharing the post and money comes to you?

Of course, my email today seemed to be filled with bloggers taking the opposite, failing, struggling tact of chasing blogging strangers. A handful of strangers reached out to me today. Some asked for my advertising rates. Some asked to guest post on my blog. I do not trust strangers because I do not know strangers. I have no idea what strangers are about. I simply direct them to my advertising rates page with 4 words and move on. Either the strangers pay and prosper or disappear from my life.

Unfortunately, chasing strangers wastes your time because you have no idea if the stranger actually cares about your pitch. No targeting. No qualifier. No friendship. No trust. Most bloggers waste hours daily cold-pitching tens to hundreds of stranger bloggers who do not care about them because they are strangers. Does that sound like an intelligent blogging approach, or an effect blogging approach, or a freeing blogging approach? Of course not.

Meanwhile, serious, pro bloggers who buy my blogger networking eBook – and aspiring pros who buy the eBook – network generously, genuinely and patiently, building their blogging business model to attract buying readers. Perhaps it takes 3-6 months and 100’s of blogging work hours to attract money, but doing so is 100% worth the effort because ever-increasing, passive success flows TO you, and you never, ever need to chase success.

All those cold pitchers chasing strangers never get it until coming across posts like this one, opening up, admitting their mistake, and moving on to an attraction marketing campaign. Don’t get twisted; ya still need to work. But the work involves laying a foundation for a more passive income model based on making money around the clock by publishing content and building bonds, versus wasting time around the clock as you chase strangers desperately, throwing away precious hours, days and weeks, trying to convince people who do not trust you to get your link of their site.

Generously create content. Serve top bloggers in your niche to build meaningful relationships with these pros. Over time, being patient and persistent, business flows to you. Business flowing to you is fun, freeing and rewarding. Chasing business feels chaotic, anxiety-inducing, binding and draining. Why try to force a non-trusting stranger to do your bidding versus making friends and allowing targeted buyers to flow to you, based on your valuable, targeted content and loyal, influential blogger friend network?

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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