What Rude Awakening Greets Many Bloggers?

What Rude Awakening Greets Many Bloggers? 2
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I recall over a decade ago when I bought my domain and hosting.

I believed blogging would be me writing and publishing blog posts to receive money. Bloggers in 2007-2008 seemed to largely offer this view of blogging; at least in circles that I chose, at the time. But a rude awakening quickly floored me. Blogging was not just:

  • writing posts
  • publishing posts
  • receiving money

A wide range of skills made up a professional blogger’s repertoire. Wow. Did I ever feel like someone threw cold water into my face the moment after waking from a deep sleep.

Many bloggers think blogging is writing and publishing posts to receive money. But reality reveals blogging is:

  • listening to reader problems
  • writing posts to solve those problems
  • formatting posts properly
  • monetizing your blog through multiple income channels
  • mindset training
  • engaging in genuine blogger outreach

in addition to other skills lesser of nature but still important.

How many people buy a domain and hosting knowing that learning, practicing and honing each of those 6 skills usually plays a part in becoming a professional blogger? I genuinely believe almost no new blogger knows pro blogging usually involves becoming proficient in each skill. All bloggers receive some level of awakening the moment individuals begin learning genuinely from professional bloggers. Usually, this learning period unfolds well into a blogger’s career after many blogging struggles, straining and striving.

We have all been there.

The challenge now is to commit fully to learning, practicing and honing all aspects of blogging. At the very least, outsourcing various blogging aspects you cannot currently handle is the wise way to become successful. However, learning and working each skill is the way to become highly successful based on the concept of being credible. Readers want to know you personally honed skills through your practice to frame you as being credible.

For example, I preach for bloggers to open multiple streams of income, but have I personally opened multiple income streams? Yes I have. Among other channels I wrote and self-published 100 plus eBooks and converted a few to audio books. I did this to help you, to help me and to also give you proof that I do what I advise you to do. However, imagine if I preached opening multiple income channels but relied solely on one income stream. Would you believe my advice if I did not follow my own advice? Would I be a credible blogger if I taught some technique I never learned, practiced and became proficient at working, myself?

Start developing your blogging skillset now by dialing in on a few skills. Become a skilled content creator by practicing your writing offline on a daily basis. Write skillfully by mindfully engineering each blog post you publish. Engage in a genuine blogger outreach campaign to befriend professional bloggers from your niche. Honing your creating and networking skills opens the doors to developing other vital skills. Prolific creators begin developing their monetizing skills by self-publishing content through eBooks and courses. Connected bloggers who receive guest post invites slowly but surely develop their guest blogging skills.

Perfecting each skill as best you can patiently creates a synergistic effect molding your overall blogging success. No one becomes a master by developing multiple blogging skills quickly and easily. First, you may become a skilled writer but perhaps your blogger networking skills need work. However, becoming a skilled writer and slightly better networker increases both your traffic and profits through your combined effort.

Maybe you drive no Google traffic and perhaps you are no brilliant story teller but at least you can write simple, powerful blog posts, monetize effectively and network genuinely. As you bring up search and story telling skills your creating, monetizing and outreach skills accelerate your blogging success.

Frame blogging as a multi-skill commitment, not just writing posts and receiving money.

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