Tips and Techniques to Take Your SEO to the Next Level

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No matter how great your website is, you cannot just expect someone to stumble into it and know about your site themselves. You need to do something to let people know that you exist. One of the best methods to make your website visible is through SEO techniques.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become the heart of digital marketing in recent years. While it has been on the market for a while now, it still proves to be effective. Many marketers have used it as it does not only improve your ranking in search engine results, but it also grows your online visibility and established your authority over the internet.

Tips and Tricks For Your SEO Techniques

As technology continues to evolve, so does the trends in SEO marketing. Here are some tips and techniques that you can use to make your SEO techniques better and step up on the next level.  

1. Move to be Mobile Friendly

Making your site mobile-friendly is not an option anymore; it is a must. Optimizing your website to be responsive to mobile devices is key to your SEO success. Looking at the numbers, about 3.9 billion users are on mobile devices, and 59% of shoppers consider a website that allows them to shop on their mobile phones, a deciding factor before they make any purchase.

The world is leaning on becoming mobile these days, and it is vital to join this trend as you might get left behind in the competitive pit if you don’t. Your competitors will get ahead of you. Being mobile-friendly can engage your users more. Make sure that your site will run properly on mobile devices by integrating responsive design and will adapt to any device. Not all of your audience will visit you using their smartphone as some are using tablet devices to connect to the internet. Whatever they are using, ensure that your website’s optimized to be responsive.

2. Use of Infographics

SEO is all about content. When you hear the word content, what you might imagine is the long list of information, a series of paragraphs, or thousands of words that will bring useful data to your readers, followers, and visitors. However, with the balloon of information found on the internet these days, some users do not prefer reading a wordy article that for them would eat much of their time. Some find it hard to digest when skimming and reading through words.

These situations’ have led to the rise of infographics. Though not relatively new and has been used by many over the years, infographics are still a vital technique you can incorporate in your SEO campaign. Infographics are visually appealing communication that can catch the attention of your readers while providing them with information. Infographics are colourful and eye-catching, which uses data and graphics to deliver factual content.

Infographics use shapes, icons, and other visual elements, which make it easier to understand and easy to digest.

3. Avoid Thin Contents

Thin contents are contents that do not offer any information or value to your readers—usually made of duplicated or copied materials from other sources and poorly arranged thoughts that do not have any substance. There are lines of text that do not extrude any meaning and just laden with words that an article only appears to be gibberish.

Having thin content on your website can profoundly affect how it will perform, especially in search engine rankings. Search engines will know if your site is full of thin contents. It will then pick it up and give your page a low rank, which will affect your website traffic. It will also affect how you position yourself to become a leader in your industry, as well as your online authority and credibility.

Your visitors will also know if your content does not offer them any useful information. They will leave your website immediately once they discover you are providing them with thin materials. When they go back to search engine results and click on another link, this will affect your bounce rate, which is another factor for a low ranking in search engine results. Aside from that, Google may even penalize you for having thin content on your website, which is a total nightmare for anyone who is leaning towards SEO marketing.

4. Social Media and SEO Techniques

Social media alone is a great avenue to grow your brand and widen your reach. SEO, on the other hand, is also a powerhouse when it comes to content development and online visibility. But when joined together, they make a powerful duo that can give you more advantages when it comes to online credibility and help you achieve your online goals.

Though they may have shared a complicated relationship over the years, with Matt Cutts, then of Google’s, emphasizing back in 2014 that there is no direct effect between the two when it comes to search rankings. However, today many SEO practitioners have been leveraging on social media to help augment their SEO rankings.

Social media can boost your SEO performance, and one of the easiest ways to do that is through content sharing. Writing content is not just merely publishing it online and hoping people will come across it. You have to maximize its potential to reach a large group of people, and your social media channels can help you achieve just that. When you share your content on any of your social media platforms, more people will have the chance to see it, even those who are not looking for it.

Your content has a chance to be shared repeatedly by your audience that will make its reach wider. It will also have an opportunity to be clicked by a large number of people that will drive more traffic on your website, which will help boost your ranking. Make it also more accessible for your website visitor to share your content in their social media profiles by adding a share button on your content.

5. Take Advantage of SEO Tools

Doing SEO may seem overwhelming, especially for those who are just starting. It may look a tedious and complicated process that only experts can manoeuvre. However, technology has given even SEO beginners the chance to maximize and fully grasp this strategy utilizing SEO tools available these days.

These tools do not only make your SEO work seem more manageable and faster, but it also provides an opportunity to spice up your SEO game.

6. Start Guest Posting

Blogging is an essential tool in your SEO strategies. It is the primary source of your content building. However, you can maximize your blogging prowess by doing guest posting for other websites.

Guest postings or blogging is writing content for a different company’s website that offers a similar niche in your industry. Doing this can provide a lot of benefits in your business as it can bring traffic to your site, increase your brand’s online visibility, build your authority and credibility. It will not only increase your domain authority with external links but also create a relationship around your niche industry.

Likewise, it is beneficial as well to entertain other guest bloggers on your site. By welcoming this, it will build new insights on your website that your audience will find refreshing. Having a fresh perspective will keep your visitors engaged.

7. Work With Videos

Video contents are everywhere, and they are taking the lead when it comes to effectivity in influencing a customer’s decision. Studies showed that there are about 48% of people who reflect and check on videos about a particular product before they decide to make a purchase. For marketers, 99% of them will still lean on using video content, while 95% are planning to increase their leverage on this type of content.  

When you place or embed videos on your site, this makes people stay longer on your website and make them want to engage in your content. Videos are great tools to spark your audience’s interest and lets you connect with them. Videos are also great to showcase what your brand identity is. It will help you retain your customers’ minds and help you gain their trust.

Provide not only entertaining videos but make sure it is informative where your audience can get a lot of information. Your videos should not be very long, as it will look dragging that might put your audiences’ interest off.

8. Check on Your Competitors

Analyzing your neighbouring website will give you more advantages than you can think. You can even turn them into your greatest allies to make your brand grow.

Comprehensive competitors analysis will allow you to check on your competitors’ strategies that have been working on them and adopt what you think will work out for you. This strategy does not mean that you have to copy whatever plans they are building but have to analyze what they are doing right to make their techniques work for them. It is essential as well to learn from their mistakes and weakness to avoid doing it on your site.

These days, there are different tools available in the market to make your competition analysis a breeze. You can even learn the nitty-gritty details of your competitors like how their pages rank, their link quantity, number of words they use, or the most common keywords they utilize. When you have juice out the necessary details, you can then use it to develop a strategy a strong strategic campaign.

Final Thoughts

Doing digital marketing is a crucial step for your business these days. Competition is stiff, and there are budding now and then. However, being online does not only mean creating social media profiles and launching a website. It also means working on what you have and making it grow, so can people can know about you. Continues leaning on the latest trends and knowing tips on how to work your SEO  will make you step up your game.

Optimizing your site and practicing proper techniques will not only bring you traffic or strengthen your credibility online, but it will also improve the user experience of your visitors. Once you have gained their trust, you will be on top of their minds, share you on their profiles, and recommend you to their family and friends. Implementing tips and techniques in your SEO marketing can go a long way.


Ramon has been writing about technology trends, entertainment, and gaming ever since he left the busy world of corporate HR Tech behind. He currently writes about software and user experiences for Softvire Australia – the leading software e-Commerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand. In his spare time, Ramon writes science fiction, collects little yellow men and plastic spaceships.

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  1. This is very helpful and clearly written tips. Certainly I will try Infographics and above all I will check some SEO tools. I would like to believe that interesting content is enough, but technology support is very important in these times.

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