Stop Being Tough on Your Blogging Self

Stop Being Tough on Your Blogging Self 2
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Your inner critic can be a real pain in the butt. Why do you act so tough on your blogging self? Sometimes our inner critic has a field day by trying to tell ourselves what we cannot do with our blogs. Like any human being I am in the same boat from time to time. My fear challenges me. My ego tells me what cannot be done. In these moments I simply listen to the voice and feel the feelings within the words and allow the sensations to pass. If you listen to your tough inner critic you will struggle and fail and eventually quit blogging. But if you observe the voice and feel the feelings you find something neat happens. The inner critic becomes silent. From there, simply begin blogging. Simple process to understand. But emotionally this is a difficult process to undergo because nobody enjoys feeling fears fueling your inner critic.

 As an example, I just took a break as I do often during my blogging workday. My mind told me to take it easy. I went to grab a cookie but caught myself because I intend to fast for a sustained time today. I then wanted to watch TV. My mind AKA inner critic told me to take off the blogging day because I deserve it. All of these thoughts flow through my mind from time to time. But I observe the thoughts until the thoughts disappear and then simply proceed with blogging. But television and cookies feel like tempting distractions, right? Desire can be a strong pull. Ditto for fear. Imagine if your inner critic tells you that you were wasting your blogging time because nobody reads your blog and you make no money. Trusting that fear ensures you fail forever. But feeling the fear to Let It Go creates an unpleasant experience.

 Who enjoys feeling worthless? Who enjoys feeling like a failure? Who enjoys feeling like an absolute loser? Nobody enjoys these sensations and everybody hates feeling these fears. But unless you feel the fears you will trust the fears and take the failing blogging route. Stop being tough on yourself by feeling the fears fueling the part of you that makes blogging tough on yourself. Does this make sense? All negativity is in your mind. Feel negative emotions to dissolve negative emotions. Be prepared to engage in this process regularly because all human beings pick up quite a few negative states of mind from their families and the general public. Everybody does the best they can but few human beings face their fears so naturally these folks are very tough on themselves in many facets of their lives. But you don’t need to go that route anymore.

 See yourself as being a brilliant blogger. On clearing these negative inner critic fears, begin painting a different picture of your blogging self. See yourself in an empowered blogging light. Take your time in building an image of yourself living your dream life through blogging. Guaranteed, you will begin loving and accepting yourself. Even better? You’ll stop being tough on yourself which allows you to proceed from a non resistant, successful blogging energy. Blogging is an inside game. Few human beings realize this but the few who do reach the top of their blogging niche in spectacular fashion over the Long Haul. Are you up for that? I believe that you are. I even wrote about this in my inside out blogging ebook to help you see clearing the inner world makes blogging easier and easier. Why be tough on yourself when you can be your number one fan and succeed, right? 

I am here for you. I believe in you. Send me a tweet. I will cheer you along. Message me on Facebook. I will lift you up. Email me. Just get in touch with me if you’re having a down blogging moment and I can help you see the potential in yourself that you may not see right now. I am here for you.

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