10 Reasons to Hire a Professional SEO Consultant

10 Reasons to Hire a Professional SEO Consultant 2
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Since the beginning of internet, the world of business has changed a lot as it seemed a few years back. Initiation of e-commerce further accelerated the process of transformation, and we are on the edge of it.

There may be thousands of pages that demonstrate what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, all of them leading to the same conclusion- to rank higher in search results! Definition of SEO may seem obvious to you, and you might be bothered to think of hiring a professional to optimize your website.

Don’t you be too confident at all, SEO might be as hard to maintain as easy it might get!

In this post, we are going to evaluate the importance to hire a professional SEO consultant in the process of search engine optimization. So, without revolving around, let’s dig deeper and sort out the reasons behind hiring a professional for improved search results.

Why We Need a Professional SEO Consultant?

SEO is constituent of several ever-varying parameters where each of them plays a significant role and all of them are more or less interconnected. No matter how well you’ve conceptualized the meaning of SEO and maintained all of its factors within the tip of your fingers, SEO might be difficult to implement all that time.

Hiring an SEO professional has both sided benefits to offer. On one hand, it reduces the fatigue for understanding the complex framework of it and response accordingly and provides you with the time to invest in other business affairs. On the other hand, it secures better outcomes in terms of SEO and ensures your website ranks among the top search results for a given search engine.

There are different search engines whose functional process is less likely to be similar- although all of them targeted in a specific way. As Google has dominated all the search engines, it probably indicates that Google is too capable to take assistance regarding SEO.

Well, you might never have been so wrong!

? Limited Knowledge Regarding SEO

Reading one or few articles on SEO may boost your confidence and you might think you have figured out what SEO is. However, you might not be right at all!

In real-world, an effective SEO strategy consists of several parameters interconnected together. Technical consideration, content optimization, user experience, and efficient back-linking are a handful of them. The parameters further narrow down when it comes to Local SEO – only a professional is able to assess and provide the best possible strategies for each category.

Moreover! SEO needs proper implementation- over-emphasis on any of the SEO factors can lead to drastic results and even make your website banned. An SEO expert knows it very well and he or she ensures all the on-page and off-page SEO practices are completely white hat and abide by Google Webmaster’s guidelines.

? The Rules Are Ever Varying

Google juggles with major and minor algorithms several times a day. In the meantime you have read out the current post, Google has already changed its current algorithms. Surprisingly, few of them are in complete contrast with the existing rules. 

In this situation, it is tough for you to keep track of these changes rather than investing much of your time in marketing your business. Rather, it is an SEO expert who pays attention to these frequent algorithm changes and assesses their subsequent effect on search engine result pages (SERPs). A true expert is well aware of every under-the-radar updates as well.

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Image source: Digital Information World

According to Riverbed marketing, “an SEO expert, however, makes it his business to know precisely when new updates are due to kick in and to ensure that they are implemented”.

? SEO Experts Have The Right Tools

Without the right tools, you are like to search for a needle in a haystack which can be intimidating for you.

As a busy marketing executive, you have hardly any time to expense for accumulating right tools for your website, and even you might not be familiar with all of them. Moreover, they can also be beyond the allowance of your budget.

Premium keyword research tools provide more sophisticated analytics program that Google Analytics incapable to provide. An advanced keyword research tool manifests you with deeper insights into keyword pertinence, competition, search volume and so on.

professional seo consultant
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Image source: Wordstream

A professional SEO mastermind always invests in the right SEO tools and is aware of the best application out of every tool.

? They Provide Strong Analytics

SEO is all about statistics- analytical software is an eye for it!

SEO software helps you to assess and monitor outcomes against your efforts. It helps to sort out which keywords and their placement strategies lead to positive results and which aren’t.

However, SEO software can be as complicated as ever. It will take an expert eye to obtain a clear conceptualization out of the statistics and further improve in strategies afterward.

You might come to know that irrespective of meeting requisite standards for search result optimization, “high bounce rate on your landing page” can raise the obvious question, why?

Can you determine on your own? This is the place where expert eyes are highly recommended.

? Mistakes Can Be Drastic For You

There are two types of SEO namely, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. As the name suggests, the former one is the appropriate one where the latter stands for unethical manipulation of SEO tactics. Google is too smart to fool! There is a fragile line between the two above-mentioned SEO practices were crossing the line can draw severe results for you leading to banning of your website. Here are a few criteria that you should be aware of before implementing your SEO strategy.

  • Stuffing Keywords in Your Content.
  • Linking with artificial backlinks
  • Use irrelevant keywords
  • Cloaking
  • Plagiary content.

Beware! Avoid these malpractices before it summons disaster for your business!

? They Have Requisite Knowledge And Expertise

An SEO expert is dedicated to SEO tools and techniques- their job designation implies it! So, it’s obvious for them to have better expertise than a non-practitioner.

Hiring a professional SEO expert to look after your SEO strategies empowers you to cherish on the years of experience and expertise they have gained from practice.

In the tough competitions of marketing, there is hardly any space for errors and nothing matches the services provided by professionals. Additionally, you can gain your basic SEO knowledge that can effectively increase your efficiency as a professional marketer.

? They Help To Increase ROI

When you invest your hard-earned money for an en-route marketing strategy, you want to be manifested by benefits fullest to your expenditure. In this case, SEO offers you unique opportunities for better Return on Investment (ROI). For any kind of advertisement, whether it is traditional or online PPC (pay per click) model, a certain amount of investment is prerequisite.

Unlike any of the online and offline advertisement methods, SEO is targeted to people specifically looking for your product and services on offer. However, you can avail professional SEO services at its minimal expenses and it can foster you with exponential benefits in return.

According to Riverbed marketing, “by contracting an expert to deliver against specific measurable goals you’ll boost your brand recognition, improve your ROI and reduce the amount of time and energy you’d have to expend if you attempted to do it yourself”.

? They Help To Save Time And Money

Time and budget are the limiting factors of any business strategy, especially in the case of search engine optimization. You are reluctant to spend a certain amount of money whether you are hiring a professional or do it all by yourself! Nonetheless, hiring an SEO professional will not only offer you ample time and effort to put on other concerning factors for your business, but also helps you to shed unnecessary expenses off your pocket.

You can invest much of your time in cases where you are the expert- your business.

Needless to say, consistent change in Google algorithms demands continuous improvements in SEO strategy. These changes are hard to cope up with all the time and it takes persistence and skill to surpass the obstacle. Now, it’s all up to you whether you want to stress out with these roadblocks or hand it over in the reliable hands of an expert- what is a better choice, to be honest.

Now, the question is, what will you do?

? Develop a Brainstorming Relationship

While working with an SEO consultant, you have the jubilant opportunity to put your head through a brainstorming session. You can furnish your SEO strategies and further validate it while working with an expert.

Development of a relationship is always a reciprocal benefit where each of them gets better out of the other- in this case, you can foster your SEO knowledge for future use.

Sometimes, it’s great to have the feeling to share with someone else with profound expertise and experience.

? Keep Track Of Your Competitors

Last but not least, hiring a professional can help you to monitor your competitor’s activities- to assess whether your efforts are capable of surpassing them or not.

In modern business especially in the case of online business, you can feel the heat of tough competition posed by the competitors. Investment on the right track such as investing in SEO tactics will empower you to rise above the crowd.

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Image source: Cooler Insights

A better SEO professional will conduct profound research to sort out ways for attracting consumers instead of your rivals.


Now, since you have realized the importance of an SEO Consultant, a subsequent obvious question arises- where to find a dependable SEO professional?

However, you need to select an SEO expert based on the grounds of your factual business requirements, rather than rushing for it.

So, let’s get up, conceptualize your business requirements, hire a professional SEO consultant and cherish upon the sweet nectar of success in the ever-promising field of digital marketing.

Further Readings

With the advent of digital marketing, numerous companies have already ventured into the ocean of online business with millions to come in. This makes the situation harder for organizations, even notable ones.

If you are operating small or medium-sized business organizations, then the situation might be even harder for you. As budget can be a limiting factor and the already-mentioned ones fall under the greater risks of shedding off other expenses due to higher investments in search optimization- this could be real threatening!

In case of bigger organizations also, there is hardly any sign of relief- they are also under the enormous pressure of ranking among the top lists of a search engine results or experience severe fall down. So, irrespective of the size of your business organizations- SEO is and has had been one great issue of all times, where the appropriate implementation of it leads to triumphs and failure to incorporate proper SEO strategies may lead to drastic results.

10 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Hire a Professional SEO Consultant”

  1. SEO is crucial for online success for sure and a professional hand is always needed, no kidding. The better your SEO works the sooner you’ll be making money from your online business.

  2. Since my degree is in Digital Media, we did talk a lot about SEO when I was in college. The hardest part is the constant change. Just when you have it figured out something changes.

  3. I agree, most people haven’t the first idea where to begin when it comes to SEO. I actually went back to school to learn digital marketing practices (including SEO) before beginning my online-based business. But for those who don’t have time to take an extended series of coursework, you make a very compelling case for just hiring a pro to do it for you.

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