Give Up the Good to Make Room for the Blogging Great

Give Up the Good to Make Room for the Blogging Great 2
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I enjoy watching streaming video from time to time. I just came across The Boys on Amazon Prime. Fabulous series. I caught myself wanting to binge watch a series of episodes after two. Instead of going the distance, or watching three in a row, I wrote this guest post. Why? Giving up the good makes room for the blogging great.  This all comes down to the idea of sacrifice and how it relates to blogging. Letting go certain activities that make you feel good for a sustained of time simply lets you make room for being a great blogger. I love my Netflix and Hulu and now Amazon Prime from time to time. I am no blogging machine. I enjoy shows. But in the same regard, I let go long-term streaming binge-watching sessions to make room for being the blogger who I am.

 We all only have 24 hours to work with every day. Most of us spend six to eight hours sleeping. Some of you work a full-time job for 8 hours in addition to your part-time blogging gig. This means you have a finite amount of time for blogging. If you spent a bunch of time doing good feeling but perhaps not the most productive stuff, you need to change that habit to become a great professional blogger. This is what it is. Forget the idea of sacrifice as being torture or punishment. Sacrifice is releasing something of a lower energy to make room for something of a higher energy.

 I harken back to the days when I became a blogger over 10 years ago. I made an important decision. What was it? I got rid of cable. I got rid of TV all together at my apartment. Why? Well, I wanted to cut costs on one level, but I knew the time I would be able to devote to blogging with no television as a distraction would help me live my dreams more quickly through my online business. Some may see this as sacrifice but I saw it as letting go watching a few TV shows to live a life where I could circle the globe and blog from places like Fiji, Bali, India and Costa Rica. Does that sound like a sacrifice to you? Letting go watching TV so I could give most of my time to building up my blog, to become an island-hopping professional blogger? I had to let go the good life that felt comfortable and familiar to live the great life that I now live. Plus, I had to do that to be able to inspire more bloggers to follow their dreams.

 I don’t Circle The Globe for myself solely. I do it for you too to teach you, to inspire you and to show you that there is a way that may be more freeing than the life you live now. This is why I do what I do and it’s why I don’t go on long-term TV or streaming video binges. Sure I enjoy a little bit at a time. If I’m being honest with myself I may watch another episode in a few hours. But only after I get my work done during this two to three hours stretch before midnight. After publishing a few more guests posts and maybe one more blog post I will be happy to watch another episode but only while I’m doing my yin yoga for the night. Doing my yoga is very important because it helps me remain calm and relaxed and energized for my blogging work day.

 What good aspects of your life do you need to give up in order to become a great blogger? Do not think in terms of sacrifice or in terms of depriving yourself of things that you enjoy genuinely. Everybody can have some fun offline for sure. But when you’re spending four hours a day watching TV and 25 minutes blogging you have a big-time problem. At least if you want to become a serious, professional blogger. I suggest you revisit your reason why you blog and tie it to something incredibly fun and freeing. Falling into your comfort zone because you live in survival mode ensures you do not let go of the good or the comfortable to make room for the great, freeing life waiting for you through blogging. But creating a vision for a fun, entertaining life gives you all the energy you need to let go comfortable habits in order to make room for your greatest blogging success.

 I see myself blogging from places like Thailand on a daily basis because doing so inspires me to keep being the blogger I need to be in order to experience more success and to help more people. It matters not that I’m sitting in New Jersey typing these words. International travel is still not a thing these days. But when the gates open up again, I will be ready to hit the road  to watch my vision manifest once again. Blogging is so fun if you do the freeing and uncomfortable things to help yourself and to help your readers. But you need to let go certain activities or largely let them go in order to grow. Habits need to change for your life to change. There’s no way around that one.


Hmmmmm……..What would be a good partner eBook for this blog post that I just wrote? I have a good one for you. Giving up the good to make room for the blogging great proves to be a freeing but highly uncomfortable practice at first. Why? Leaving your comfort zone by surrendering old, comfortable habits feels unpleasant when you do it for the first few times. I wrote an eBook to help you through these difficult periods so you can position yourself to become a great blogger.

 This read helps you do freeing but highly uncomfortable things to inspire you to live your dreams. Buy it here:

How to Master Doing Freeing But Highly Uncomfortable Stuff

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