10 Ways to Earn a Revenue from a Blog with AdSense

how to make money on a blog with adsense
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Did you know how to make money on a blog with AdSense?

For businesses in the new normal, you need to make sound decisions from the get-go, so you don’t have to have all assets and tools you need all at once. If this post has been helpful to you, feel free to browse the rest of the website for further helpful information. Suppose you dislike obtaining pennies from affiliate programs. In that case, you should follow this guide even if you despise getting pennies because I’m going to reveal several money-making strategies that don’t use AdSense.

Blogging with Adsense is still the most excellent way to advertise to bloggers, especially for business startups, micro-saas businesses, and small business enterprises. It’s an inexpensive, often free way of getting your brand out there. Blogging, however, is only one way to earn money and no longer the sole way.

The “All Eggs in One Basket” quote is attributed to Warren Buffett. To learn this, you mustn’t have a single source of income. If your Adsense account gets blocked, what will you do? Feel free to keep reading if you didn’t receive Adsense permission, if you’ve been blacklisted, or if Adsense doesn’t work for you.

How to Make Money on a Blog with Adsense

These ten techniques to make money with your blog are described in this post.

  1. Other Advertising Networks

As far as advertising networks go, Google’s AdSense remains the finest. Although it is the main issue, it is not the only one. There are several alternatives to AdSense as a platform for monetizing blogs. They’re doing well.

You may find it challenging to decide which ad network is right for you. Even if something works for me, it may not be suitable for you, and even if something works for you, it may not be correct for me. Depending on the type of blog, it is primarily up to the discretion of the blog owner.

I’ve noticed that Media.net is better than others in my investigation. While it may be different for you, it may not be the case.

So, as a next step, I’d suggest you do a few tests with different ad networks and find out which ones work best for you. You can experiment with these applications.

  • Media.net 
  • Amazon Native Ads
  • Bidvertiser 

  2. Affiliate Marketing. It’s not as hard as it sounds

Affiliate marketing is the practice of selling other people’s items to earn a commission. First, you decide on a product you enjoy, and then you get started with promoting it on your blog. You’ll earn a commission when someone buys the product through your affiliate link.

You could believe that you will have to undertake pay-per-click (PPC) marketing or establish a massive email list to obtain success in affiliate marketing. But if you have a blog with decent readers, you won’t have to worry about it. All you have to do is choose the correct products and market them through your blog.

It takes time to succeed in affiliate marketing. It’s not uncommon for business-management courses to advertise that their graduates would become multi-millionaires yet demand students buy their products. Those are almost always scams. Affiliate marketing is about work.

As an affiliate network, almost 4,000 blogs utilize ShareASale.

3. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are blog posts on your website just like any other. A similar writing style and tone are essential. In contrast, the brand is compensating the blogger to make a post and get it published.

They can, however, take on many different forms, including sponsored posts. Mentioning the product too many times annoys consumers and decreases sales. Some other corporations would like bloggers to do a thorough evaluation, but they’re not the only ones in the game.

The tactics used by some brands are to approach bloggers and offer them fixed-cost sponsored content on their sites. It is not always necessary for bloggers to write their posts. The only thing they need to do is check their work, make a few modifications, and then publish the piece.

The brand offers free goods in exchange for a post that’s been sponsored. Most companies pay money for something.

At the outset, you need to establish relationships with brands to search for chances. Additionally, create a business contact page on your blog so that companies may get in touch with you. Always make sure to insert somewhere in the post a note to let readers know that the following post is an advertisement.

Here are a few websites that will help you locate paid-for reviews.

  • A Pay Per Post
  • SponsoredReviews
  • PayU2Blog
  • SocialSpark

You should have a media package prepared when applying to the above sites. This widget should show the overall number of followers, subscribers, and blog readers for each social media platform, as well as all total monthly readership numbers.

4. Selling Ad Spaces

Direct advertising is similar to this. No third party is required, No effort is needed. All you have to do is persuade the advertisers to run adverts on your blog immediately.

By taking this approach, you’ll have complete control of advertisements like where and how they will show. You will receive the full reward.

But if you have just established a new blog, you may not be interested in using a managed WordPress hosting service. Advertisers generally aren’t interested in working with sites with little traffic.

Learn how to sell ad space on your site by reviewing these simple guidelines.

  • On your Blog stats, Audience profile, Advertising options, etc.: Create an ‘Advertise’ page with information on your Blog stats, Audience profile, Advertising options, etc. 
  • If you need to control your adverts, use the Ads Pro Plugin. 
  • To gain new exposure for your blog, check out the other sites connected to your niche and then see who is advertising on those blogs. Make a special effort to reach out to those advertisers.
  • Advertisers can be found in various online forums such as Digital Point.
  • Talk to possible advertisers personally. 

BuySellAds also allows you to buy and sell ad slots. It will get a percentage from your revenue as a medium.

5. Direct Advertising Cuts Third-Parties Out

The best approach to make money with your site is through direct advertising. With direct advertising, you’ll reduce the involvement of third parties. Additionally, you’ll have complete control of your Ad placement, such as where and how they are presented.

Advertising on a fresh WordPress blog may not be successful for some individuals. If you expect to get advertising to your blog, you will need to create a good deal of traffic.

Here are some methods for acquiring advertising that is targeted directly.

  • To create an ‘Advertise’ page, use a layout that displays data on the current statistics for the blog, the audience profile, the available advertisements, etc. For an idea, you might check out our Advertisement page.
  • Manage your advertising with the OIO Publisher plugin. 
  • To gain new exposure for your blog, check out the other sites connected to your niche and then see who is advertising on those blogs. Make a special effort to reach out to those advertisers.
  • Search for advertising on websites like DigitalPoint to find a new job. 
  • It gives you complete control of your ad space while making you more money. 

6. Write Paid Reviews

While paid reviews are pretty comparable to sponsored postings, there are key differences. Advertisers and clients are beginning to pay bloggers to write product reviews on their websites. Most companies will benefit from blogging about their products because it allows customers to review and recommend their products to their followers. Most frequently, marketers provide bloggers free products in return for total reviews. Several brands also pay bloggers to write product reviews.

The most crucial thing to do is make it plain to your readers that you’re getting paid to provide an opinion in your blog article.

You should use the products first if you’re interested in submitting paid reviews. You must ensure that the products you promote are of decent quality if you wish to post about them on your blog. The risk is too significant, as the readers’ faith is at stake.

As a lifestyle blogger, you can earn money by writing product evaluations.

7. Sell Your Own Digital Products

If you want to earn money without relying on Google AdSense, you can quickly sell your digital products. Once you’ve created anything, you can sell it to others endless times. When it comes to digital items, there’s no compromise.

People who read Harsh Agrawal’s blog know that he is pretty well-off because he exclusively gets money from selling ebooks.

Also, you’re correct; selling e-books is merely an example. You can also sell these additional digital things on your site.

  • Course 
  • It’s design work. 
  • Theme/Plugin: WordPres
  • Reports 
  • Software 
  • Video-based content 
  • Paintings with photographic prints 
  • PowerPivot Workbook Templates 
  • Web templates and more. 

The Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin lets you set up digital products and sell them using WordPress.

8. Accept Paid Guest Posts

In many websites, generating a significant source of revenue is by allowing other websites to place guest posts on your page. You can use it to earn some more money in a different method. The longer you blog, the more of a “d” account you will have. Your blog is the perfect spot to land a guest article.

There are different prices for accepting sponsored guest articles, depending on your domain authority, website rankings, audience engagement, and overall traffic.

9. Sell Services

You can market your expertise on your blog if you have experience in anything.

It is possible to provide design services like design, development, freelance writing, and other services and then use your blog to make a nice living. For instance, the fantastic entrepreneur Fabrizio Van Marciano founded Magnet4Blogging. His website offers WordPress design, graphic design, and video editing.

Begin offering your talents and expertise if you’re an expert in anything.

 10. Offer Consulting

Many website owners only use their websites to profit through consulting or coaching. A possible technique to earn extra money by consulting online is shown below. Getting your first consulting customer may take several months, but if you promote yourself well, then you will succeed.

Here is a list of some suggestions to help you leverage your blog for consulting services.

  • Create a page on your blog and link it to your Twitter account. It should be professional looking. It is essential to communicate the services you are providing in the session.
  • Establish a presence in the social media forums. Share your knowledge on a subject. 
  • To people who want to consult with you, give three free consulting opportunities. 
  • Ask for testimonials from folks who have previously used your product. 
  • Go out and find clients using emails, social media, and so forth. 

Your blog is an excellent resource for sending traffic to your consulting service website.


I am confident that these ten methods will help you make money in your new online business. You don’t require AdSense, do you? It’s only one of numerous methods utilized by bloggers. However, if you look at the alternatives listed above, you will notice some more possibilities.

Making money without Adsense is very doable if you are consistent and willing to put in the extra effort. Productivity in the workplace means being able to get powerhouse products at the least amount as possible, or free. In this case, Adsense is completely free.

So there you have it, some of the most excellent methods to make money from your blog without using AdSense. All of the methods listed above may not work for you in every situation. You must determine what works best for you.

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MayleenMeñez worked for seven years in TV and Radio production, and also as a Graphic Artist/Editor. Writing has always been a hobby and pursuit, and she recently added content writing with Softvire Australia and Softvire New Zealand up her sleeve, while preparing for her next adventure in the nations.

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  1. Great job Mayleen. I personally enjoy writing and self-publishing eBooks on Amazon, Selz and Gumroad. But many streams above seem prospering too. The secret is to monetize freely while creating and connecting to build your network.


  2. You nailed it very well Mayleen.
    Yes, affiliate marketing and selling digital products are great way to monetize the blog.

    I am monetizing my blogs with affiliate marketing, digital products and freelance services.

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