Do You Change with the Online Times?

Do You Change with the Online Times? 2
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10 years ago when I began blogging I could use black hat tactics to rank well on Google. I rarely did this but had the ability to do it because Google had not cracked down on a black hat. Different story today. Reaching page 1 of Google requires serious SEO skills with an emphasis on creating value and gaining quality backlinks through genuine relationship-building.

Times change. People evolve. Successful strategies change.

I used to guest post on content mill type, multi-topic blogs. Made some coin, too. But Matt Cutts outlawed guest posting for paid links in 2014. Multi-topic blogs and clients disappeared the split-second Google made paid guest posting obsolete.

Times change. People evolve. Successful strategies change.

Do you wonder why I spend so much time and energy publishing posts to my blog and publishing guest posts? Times are changing, folks. We continue to evolve. Successful strategies change. Right now, spending virtually all of your time on online estate you own – your blog – and on online real estate your buddies own – their blogs, via guest posting – make the most sense because social media is becoming pay to play, and social media credibility continues to falter because of privacy concerns and fake news.

My blog is not pay to play; unless you want to place a sponsored post. Privacy issues? No concern. Comments closed. I do not build an email list. My blogging buddies own their blogs; unless they change their values or quit blogging, every guest post of mine appears on their blogs, permanently.

Do You Change with the Times?

Bloggers not changing with the times become perfectly equipped to handle a world that passed them by. Imagine trying to fight-squeeze-force big traffic and profits through Facebook, with solely free marketing methods? Good luck. Facebook keeps reminding you that reaching large, targeted audiences requires paid advertising. Be a fool and fight their rules, fighting change, or simply begin blogging more on your blog and through guest posting, to change with the times, to drive more traffic and to make more money.

Time is precious – buy my time-saving blogging eBook – so any time you do not change with the times, clinging to the past, the good old days, you waste time online. Spot trends. Identify change. Follow simple fundamentals like creating and connecting but know how you create and connect will change online because people evolve, times change and strategies change.

Suffer by Clinging to the Past

Some people pay bills here in the USA by writing checks and mailing bills to businesses. Imagine the time, energy, money, and work required to engage in such an old school process, creating suffering, wasting your time and energy. If these people changed with the times, a split second direct debit would occur to achieve the same end. Literally, you can pay bills now with zero effect and in no time in the USA. But you need to face your fears and release an old way of doing things to evolve with humanity.

2020 Trends to Note

Create most content on your blog and on other blogger’s self-hosted blogs. We own our blogs and set the rules, laying a rock-solid foundation for your blogging campaign. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube put more restrictive rules into practice every few months, it seems. Create on what you own, not on rented, unstable space, where you squat.

Broadcast live and upload videos to capitalize on the trend of video consumption. People love watching videos on their phones. Do not expect this trend to die down any time soon.

Place a stronger emphasis on building friendships by being generous. As technology becomes more convenient but volatile, know that warm, genuine human bonds reign supreme to help you build your traffic and online business profits during times of change.


Imagine if your business was selling horses for transport when you heard about Henry Ford releasing something called an “automobile”. Only fools would stubbornly remain in the horse-transport business because it died a quick death the moment folks could easily travel via car.

Be aware of online trends to avoid being blindsided by change. People change. People evolve. Times change. Keep current. Stop clinging to the past. Be in the moment to best help your followers with the proper strategies and technology that best matches current day needs.

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