Advanced Blogging Tip: Stop Obsessing over the Wrong Blogging Metrics

advanced blogging tip
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I came across a Twitter thread 5 minutes ago.

Some well-meaning bloggers asked their followers if they want more followers. Bloggers bandied about their follower count goals. Even worse; people followed each other not based on enjoying blog content from their buddies but only because fellow bloggers followed them. Think this one through. Someone follows your blog only because you followed their blog. Does the reader enjoy your content? No. Does the reader buy your stuff? No. So what does that follower mean to you, your blog and your business bottom line?


Advanced Blogging Tip

Imagine having the number “1000 blog followers” but all 1000 followers only followed you because you followed their blogs. Hmmm…..maybe 3 human beings out of the 1000 enjoy your content, desire your tips and may or may not buy your stuff and hire you. Imagine trying to build a full time blogging business on 3 loyal readers who read your content but probably will not actually buy anything.

Can you see why obsessing over useless metrics like follower counts destroys your blogging business? Numbers cannot buy your eBook or course. Numbers cannot invite you to guest post on their blogs. Numbers cannot read your blog, promote you and endorse you. If a follower only follows your blog because you followed their blog, the follower is just a number who does nothing for your blog.

Ego Trap

Can you see why focusing on the wrong metrics is an ego trap? New and struggling bloggers feel wonderful, proud and accomplished about reaching 500 or 1000 blog followers because ego ALWAYS focuses on what does not matter. Guess what happens at the end of the year, with your 1000 blog followers? Zero blogging profits. 1-3 human beings of the 1000 blog followers read your posts but do not buy anything or hire you.

Ego is the death knell of successful blogging. Focus on your heart because blogging from your heart inspires you to generously help human beings. Example; I woke up today, checked my email, published 2 blog posts on Blogging From Paradise and wrote this guest post for Sazzadul. I give 100% of my attention and energy to having fun helping human beings. Sure hasn’t hurt me.

Focus on What Matters

What precedes a successful blogging campaign? Generously creating helpful content, generously building bonds with top bloggers in your niche and opening multiple streams of income. Do those 3 things from the heart and you will succeed.

Ultimately, the 2 main metrics seem to be traffic and profits. Following a generous strategy of creating and connecting gradually leads to increasing traffic and profits. Focusing on metrics like follower counts leads to no or little traffic and profits because you waste your precious energy on trying to inflate numbers on a screen. Numbers cannot drive blog traffic or profits because a number is an inanimate object; a number cannot do anything.

Spend your time and energy helping people, having fun and trusting in the blogging process. Everything takes care of itself if you take care of human beings. Does that make sense? Everything is energy.

Everything Is Energy

Check out my energy eBook here. I wrote 100 plus, bite-sized eBooks. Sounds impossible to most bloggers but because I manage my energy I accomplished that neat feat. Why? I did it to have fun and to help you, predominantly. Sure I receive royalty payments monthly. I benefit financially. But making money for ME was no chief driver in writing 100 plus eBooks. Providing service for YOU was the chief intent. Naturally, doing things from an energy of generosity, love and service helped me do something amazing, that I could not have done if my energy was stingy-ness, fear and self-service.

Most bloggers never do anything of note because they mainly feel afraid and just want to make enough money for themselves, to survive. Writing 1 eBook or maybe 2 should take care of you. Getting 1000 followers should promote your success, just to get by. But the happiest, most successful bloggers raise their energy to levels bursting with love, abundance and generosity, to focus heavily on what matters and to experience great blogging success.


Focus on what matters. Generously create and connect, trust in the process and go on to experience increased blogging success.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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