1 Important Concept to Effective Blog Monetization

1 Important Concept to Effective Blog Monetization 2
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OK guys. You may feel confused, lost and frustrated about ways to monetize your blog. But freeing yourself from this confusion is simple. Dare, I say, easy, when you get the hang of it? Every blogger hits a point when they search for ways to monetize your blog but few understand the key to effective blog monetization. What is it? What frees you?

Money is in consciousness.

Blog Monetization

That is it. Money is an idea in your mind. Holding an idea of money, feeling abundant and helping people generously helps you make money blogging, whatever income streams you choose. Does that sound awesomely freeing? I bet you it does, for a clear reason; most bloggers stress out over which income streams to choose for their blogs. Bloggers spend precious hours researching options. But all roads lead to Rome if you think, feel and act rich. Money is in consciousness.

Money Is Not in the Email List

Money is not in your email list because money is in your mind. Money appears to be in your list but money moves *through* your email list to you, based on how you think, feel and act. Firmly impress this idea on your mind. Save yourself a bunch of time, pondering blog monetization.

Money Is Not in Specific Income Streams

Most bloggers believe money sits in particular, hot, fast-moving income streams. No way! Allow this freeing idea to once again seep into your mind; money is in your consciousness. How amazing does that sound? Raise your vibe, think and feel rich, and you pluck and act on ideas yielding monetary riches, if you generously help people and trust in yourself, while trusting in the blogging process.

I know for a fact you likely never heard of such a liberating blog monetization post because bloggers usually teach money in inaccurate terms. Money is an idea in your mind. Wealthy-feeling bloggers vibe abundance, help folks generously and make money through virtually all of their income streams in increasing amounts, eventually. Money is in consciousness.

Do the Streams Matter?

Not really. But never pick an income stream you feel unclear on. Pick online income streams you feel clear and confident working. Success finds bloggers who vibe abundance, who help people generously and who feel clear and confident on their blog monetizing methods.

Largely, your blog monetization methods matter little because money is simply an idea in mind that flows to you freely based on your abundance consciousness.

I recall speaking to someone who mentioned knowing a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. The man owned a huge, prospering garbage disposal business because he developed his money consciousness to highly profitable levels. My friend said he looked like a total bum with rotten teeth and a less than savory demeanor, but no matter his business of choice, he’d have become a millionaire, because money is in consciousness and he thought, felt and acted like a millionaire, based on his money mindset.


Money is in your mind, guys. Embrace this truth. Forget about obsessing over income streams and all that money stuff. Blogging gets easier if you feel, think and act like a rich blogger. Think, feel and act abundant. Quickly and easily, income streams idea will flow to you, without you making a big deal about it. No need to obsess. No need to stress. Be abundant, be generous and you will prosper through all of your income channels.


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