Reasons Why You Should Go for a Professional Email Address

Professional Email Address
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Today, your customers are full of emails. Due to their busy schedules, they are selective about what to open. That is why you need to make the first impression fantastic with your prospects. You need to ensure you have your domain name in your email address.

Do you have a business website?

The next vital thing you need is a professional email address. As you send and receive messages from customers and businesses, it will be useful to win their trust. With a custom email address, you can attain that with ease.

Role of the Professional Email Address to Your Business

In professional aspect, the role of a professional email is Undeniable. It creates an authenticity among the business professionals. Let’s have a precise discuss about the impact of having a proper professional email:

1. Creates a good impression

In all spheres of life, the first impression matters a lot. Is your effort is to create an expert brand for your business. You need to keep the first impression in your mind. Email is a popular way you will use to send and receive messages from your potential clients.

 With a professional email address, you will be able to create a good sense of trust. Trust is crucial in business. It can boost your potential to attract new customers. You seek to create a brand audience even from the people you have never met. The email you send will determine if you are going to win their hearts. 

Your potential customers can judge you base on an email. So, create a good impression and trust through the use of domain name in your email address. If the email has a name that shows a lack of seriousness, no one will seriously take you. People are busy with life. They wouldn’t want to waste time with emails that they deem a waste of time.

2. Minimizes the risk of being marked as spam

A lot of scams are happening with the increased use of the internet. Spammers are creating email accounts and using them to send messages. Many of your clients may look at your email with suspicion if it has no domain name. That is why it will be useful for you to have a custom email address.

Malware filters and spammers can reroute to junk mail folders. They can disable emails from the providers. With a professional email address, email bouncing is reduced. Besides, it minimizes the risk of being sent directly to the trash can.

3. Helps you to collaborate with your teams

Some email service providers offer professional email addresses with various features. a good example is a shared calendar. With it, you can collaborate with your teams with ease.

It makes it easy to send and manage any meeting requests. You also got a chance to see your workmates’ calendar and gauge how available they may be.

In case you seek to have a virtual meeting, you can do so without hassles. Those kinds of tools help you to work on shared documents at the same time.

4. Maintains professional image

Business is something serious. You need to apply a high level of expertise if you seek to be taken seriously. Your professional image will help you appear credible online. 

 Does your email address have your domain name? It will be perceived as more professional any time you contact your customers. It will show that your business is genuine and well-established. Your customers will feel more comfortable as they deal with you.

5. Promotes branding

Since you belong to a company, you carry its name all the places you go to. Your branded email has no difference with the word of mouth marketing. Through a custom email address, you talk directly to your client. The only difference is that you do one on the web.

Do you send emails without your custom address? Your potential customers will not remember your product branding with ease. It is a way of marketing your products and services. So, your Professional email address is part of your brand branding.

6. Enhances flexibility

It is easier for you to come up with specific email addresses. You can direct emails to various departments. That will raise your potential to respond faster to any inquiry. A custom email address helps to maintain a link with ease. Someone may leave or go on holiday. The alias can be changed with ease to the new person. That way, your clients will never know it.

With custom email, you can organize emails depending on departments. Any time your customers have a concern, they can raise it through the person in charge. It can also help to avoid the trouble of forwarding messages often.

7. Promotes control

Your custom business email address offers you control and organizes your system. In case you have new employees, you can use that process with ease to create an email address for them. Besides, it enables you to monitor the emails that are not active.

What will happen if your marketing manager leaves and goes with the personal email? That is if that email was being used to carry out business activities for your organization. You will not access those emails.

But with a professional email address, you create an account under the name of that person. Once one leaves, you can redirect the emails to your new marketing employee. It is also easy for you to develop a generic email for specific roles in your organization.

8. Keeps the team members organized

Have you ever noticed that the CEO’s email addresses are the most recognizable contacts on the list? But they may not always be there to respond to your messages. That shows why it is crucial to get your team members their contact address.

Your potential customers can quickly know a specific person who works in your business. Professional email addresses can help introduce your team to clients, their expertise, and their particular roles.

9. Offers a clear link to your website

Do you have the domain name in your professional email address? It can make it easy for your customers to check your company and website to get more about your brand. That also helps to reassure your customers that you are legitimate and you run an established business.

You can use it as a marketing asset for your business. Any moment you give a person your contact details or send an email, you give them an easy link to your website.

10. Email spoofing

Spoofing happens and is the real world. Someone can use your forged version of the email address and send spam. With a custom email address, you can reduce spoofing.

11. Helps to build a bigger image for your brand

Don’t use a generic email address. Your customers will perceive your business as part-time, small, or new. That is why you need a branded email. It will help in creating a corporate image. You will prevent an awkward situation where your likely customers would not want to compensate you as fair. That helps to create a bigger image.

12. You are allowed to adjust the size of your mailbox

Your mailbox is limited to free email providers. Chances are you will look for a bigger mailbox with your email hosting. Do you use cowbell for hosting? You can use your control panel and order extra space with ease.

13. You can standardize email addresses.

It becomes easy for you to apply a format for all other contact address. It will be more useful as your staff grows. Whichever format you choose, it gives consistency within your business. Your customers will remember to ease the formula of your company email address. Are you using free emails? You are at the mercy of any username available.

14. Promotes data security

Free email service providers are believed to face a lot of malware attacks. Hacking is widespread with them. No advanced security measures compared to custom email addresses. Your business data is private. You need to ensure that it is secure. After all, you do not enjoy much control of the email.

Many professional email address comes with several security measures. That way, you are protected from malware attacks, spamming, and even hacking.

Since you are in control of your custom email address, you can download and install security plugins. They can help you to boost the safety of all your data. You can change passwords, add more, and even delete your account if you wish to.

15. Backup and privacy protection

Do you are using free email services? You need to keep in mind that they have a high chance of crashing. They can be hacked with ease. Besides, your provider can close your email with no warning.

You need to carry out regular backups of all your email. It can cost you to lose data that is core to your business. But with free email services, you won’t enjoy full privacy protection. A custom business email gives you the solutions to those problems. 

Your email Host Company can install email backup for you as per the SLA. Also, you are guaranteed protection of your vital data. That keeps your data secure. You can always access your email data without having your business disrupted.


A custom email address is vital for you. It can help you to market your brand as you send a message to your clients. You enjoy more data safety when using a custom email address than free email services.

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