4 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Bloggers Gain More Subscribers

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People follow bloggers for one reason – good, relevant content. Similar to readers having favorite book authors, web goers who can relate to the content being written by a blogger swiftly turns into their subscribers. However, with so many emerging bloggers today, they’d need to find their edge over the competition and email marketing can be that edge!

Blogging has come a long way. In the early 2000s and a decade after, there were only a few blog sites published online and the competition among bloggers wasn’t as tight as it is today. However, when blogs become new digital marketing materials, more and more people are turning into bloggers every day. Consequently, web goers get more confused about what they’ll read and bloggers can’t get even a single person subscribing to their site despite having well-written content.

This is where email marketing for bloggers comes to play.

The Role of Email Marketing in a Blogger’s Career

It wasn’t long ago when bloggers came to realize the importance of email marketing in gaining new subscribers and retaining existing ones. When in fact, email marketing has always been the most effective way for them to connect with readers.

In digital marketing, email marketing is described as a strategy to create a more personal and customized connection with leads and existing customers. It is the same for bloggers. Email marketing serves as a more personalized invitation for web goers to check out and subscribe to a blog if they ever liked the content that they are being directed to.

Email marketing for bloggers can become a game-changer when done right. To site, we listed some ways on how email marketing can successfully market content and why you should start today.

How Email Marketing Grows a Blogger’s Subscriber List

Spreading newsletters, promotional emails, and promotional emails can strengthen a bloggers ability to influence readers and turn them into a subscriber of their content. As an effective marketing tool, here is how email can effectively grow a blogger’s following:

1. Email Marketing Will Grow Your Subscribers List

So, people stopped subscribing to your blogs and you checked your analytics tool only to find out that one to none would visit your site. It’s unfortunate, but one of the reasons why is the growing number of bloggers launching a new site. Another is the ever-changing Google algorithm and ranking system. If you’d rely solely on having good content to attract new subscribers, then you are waiting for nothing.

While it’s true that Google favors relevant and high-quality content, the rise of different promotional channels overthrew the rule “content is king.” Well, it’s still one of the biggest criteria of Google in ranking sites, but put always put in mind that many writers out there write as well or better than you.

That said, leverage email marketing strategies to help promote your blog. If you are no longer visible on the first page of search engine results, then the odds are stacked against you. It’s time to start your email marketing and get your subscribers to list back on track.

The first step is to generate leads by setting up a signup form on your website. You can also use your old subscriber list to reconnect with your old readers. Another way to increase your email list is by being active on social media.

Use CTAs that stand out. Place them on your home page or blog page. Consider using a popup too. Don’t forget to use CTA on your social media posts too as well as your Stories and My Day.

One tool that has worked effectively for many websites is the OptinMaster. It provides websites with a variety of popup styles to grow an email list.

2. Conveniently Integrates With WordPress

Now that you have a subscribers list, it is a good idea to automate sending them notifications whenever a new post is up on your site.

As email continues to be the best and most professional communication tool to connect with your target audience, email service providers made their apps easy to integrate with WordPress and other web builders. This helps bloggers keep their subscribers in the loop when they publish new content. And when there’s always new relevant content to read, subscribers get engaged deeper with a blog site and will, in time, become loyal readers. In turn, Google gets the sign that your contents are becoming relevant sources of information and will push you on top of the search results as a reward.

3. Gives Subscribers a Preview of Your Content

In connection with the second benefit on our list, bloggers can use email marketing to give their subscribers a taste of their new content. Just like how businesses are exciting their subscribers with ebooks made from the best PDF editors for 2021, bloggers can also use the same strategy to arouse curiosity and lead subscribers to their newly published work.

For instance, bloggers can get an excerpt from their content to stimulate interest among email recipients. Choose the most relevant phrase to raise a question in the minds of the recipients and put a cliffhanger. That way, you can immediately get your subscribers hooked and they’ll right away click on the link to read more of the content.

4. Allows You to Generate Off-site Revenue

Most bloggers are now accepting affiliate offers from sellers and producers. In fact, affiliate marketing is one of the top ways that bloggers are earning profit. Bloggers with a huge following are commissioned by business owners to promote their service or product by featuring them in their content and adding links to their shop. When the link successfully generates sales, then the blogger gets paid a percentage of the sales.

Likewise, bloggers can add these affiliate links in their email marketing, along with their new content link, so that a more targeted audience that’s already loyal to them can be redirected to the product’s sales page.

Be careful in adding links to your emails, though. Sometimes, emails carrying too many links are deemed spammy and blocked by the email service provider.

Email Marketing Tips for Bloggers

Now that you know the value of having an email marketing strategy, it’s time to start an email-based campaign. However, to be successful in using this channel, a blogger should have a solid plan and timeline for sending emails to their followers. And once you start, you need to be consistent so you won’t lose the interest of your readers.

If you’re still guessing what strategy you should have to successfully use email marketing in growing your subscriber list, here are some tips that will help you come up with the perfect plan.

1. Understand your audience

This should be easy since readers who subscribe to your blog are those that find your content helpful in their life. So, this tip is more on finding the right niche that’s highly relevant to web goers. But we don’t mean writing automotive topics when your expertise is on calligraphy. We can guarantee that every niche has a follower base. You just need to find out which specific topics in a niche are highly relevant in the given time and focus on writing content about those.

For instance, the food niche is always a hot topic for mothers. They keep searching for recipes online, so when you check how many food-focused blogs there are on Google, you would find millions!

But in this food niche, there are subcategories by country, by age, by health condition, by diet type, and so much more. Find one to develop and focus your efforts on. Writing about all of them will only make your targeting more difficult and less successful.

2. Content Creation vs. Content Curation

There are two types of blogs published online. One is content created from scratch and the other is content based on existing content. Choose one of the two that you want to use in sharing ideas with your target readers. If you are just starting, you can create using both styles to find out which type resonates.

Content creation is a bit more difficult since you’ll be doing all the research and the ideas should be fresh and 100% original. Newsletters, infographic, blogs, and social media post are examples of content creation.

Meanwhile, content curation uses the work of one or more influential writer that you develop to make it new and original content. It is somewhat similar to commenting on a trending idea or airing out your opinion on a subject matter. We see a lot of quoted lines here.

3. Have the right marketing tools

Since you are using email marketing to promote your content, you might as well find the right marketing tools that will help you succeed in your campaigns. The first one to decide on is the right email service provider that integrates with your web builder. The second is your landing page generator to help you list prospects and lead them to your email marketing. And of course, an analytics tool to monitor click rates, bounce rates, delivery rates, and unsubscribe rates should be included to see whether your strategies are working or not.

4. Automate Your Emails 

Consistency is the key to keep your subscribers hooked to your content. All your efforts will go to waste when you stop leading them to your new content after one or two rounds of the campaign. Remember that your readers are busy with other things too, so you may need to let them know when a new post is up by sending them a link to the content.

But keep in mind, too, that personalization and customization are important in making your subscribers feel valued. So when you make a template, make sure to prepare several and use different templates each week so as not to bore your recipients and make it obvious to them that the email is automated.

Wrap up

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your target readers. It helps you keep your subscribers up to date with new and relevant content. With a variety of new, high-quality content and a consistent flow of emails, people could not resist but stay hooked with your blogs.

Author’s Bio:

Engineer turned Writer. Donna found a deeper interest in expressing her thoughts through words rather than numbers. With four years of experience, she has now mastered different writing styles. Writing Technology Blogs for the computer software shop Softvire Australia is her latest stint. After work, she morphs into an anime and TV series fan.

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  1. Understanding your audience is a huge factor in building your list Donna. Way too many bloggers struggle horribly to grow their list simply because they do not know their readers well, and fewer know clearly what problems readers want solved. Compassionate bloggers tend to build large, responsive lists based on IDing and solving reader problems through emails.

    Super post.


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