4 Tips to Become Incredibly Prolific

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Are you totally confused about how to be prolific?

I have created and published 6 blog posts today in just 3 hours of work.

For most bloggers, this number seems ridiculous. I do not write long-form content but my short and punchy, valuable posts still require a significant amount of attention and energy for creating and publishing.

How did I do it?

I developed the skill of being prolific over the past decade of my life.

How to Be Prolific

Whether writing and self-publishing over 100 eBooks or writing and publishing thousands of blog posts AND guest posts, I became creative by following a few set tips.

Being prolific boosts your traffic and profits. Plus you get to enjoy helping people with your time and talents, being virtually everywhere in your niche.

Follow these tips.

Know Why

Most bloggers feel handcuffed by their fears. Most bloggers feel imprisoned by their limiting beliefs. Not me. Why? I know why I want to be prolific. I love being free and having fun helping people more than I fear being creative so I keep creating versus slamming into fear-based writer’s block. I also set an intention to get my eBooks and courses in 1 billion hands so I need to get cracking!

Know why you blog. Know why you want to create for other human beings. Find the genuine key to being prolific as you hurdle over fears or knife through resistance because of your reason why.

Only you know your most fun, freeing reason why you blog. Find it. Spend time in a quiet room to get clear on your driver. Allow head trash to exit your noodle to better think clearly and cogently, finding your freeing intent and allowing you to become prolific.

Set Up Writing Time

I am firmly convinced most bloggers struggle with how to be prolific because their disorganized, chaotic mind cannot tether itself to writing time. People blog with good intentions but life passes them by as another day expires with no creations under their belt.

I write all day long, these days, but used to set up a writing time on waking to develop the habit of being prolific. I wrote and self-published 99 eBooks in 3 months – one daily – by setting up 3 hours of writing time daily when I lived in Bali.

Setting up time for writing established a ritual to follow for developing a writing habit. Being a habitual writer makes you silly prolific.

Are you a morning person or night owl? I suggest setting up writing time in your most energized window to allow those words to flow freely. Even if you do not publish posts daily you better practice writing in a Word document every single day to become super prolific.

Study the Greats

I am a blogging infant compared to some genuinely blogging greats out there. I am one of the more prolific pros on earth but also respect other top bloggers who have been creating content for 15 to 20 years or longer.

Study the greats. Gain inspiration from these pros testing their limits to keep nudging out of your prolific, creative comfort zone. Seeing a top blogger create 2 to 5 posts daily may goad you to ensure you post weekly or even daily, yourself. Sponge up inspiration from other bloggers to become prolific yourself. You can do it!

Google top bloggers in your niche. Scour Twitter hashtags to find these pros. Comment genuinely on blogs in your niche to build your blogger friend network. You will find these guys. Guaranteed.

Baby Step It

Guys; this tip is so incredibly important. Baby step your blogging journey by slowly and steadily bumping up your creative levels. No way can you publish 10 to 12 posts daily like me if new to blogging because you have not the creative skills, the pulsating reason why and the overall energy of BEING the person who churns out 12 posts daily.

Do you know why I can publish 12 posts daily? I spent 20,000 hours blogging generously for the past decade of my life. You spent 3 hours blogging or 13 hours blogging or 33 hours blogging so you are not ready yet. You have not practiced any significant length of time to become a highly-skilled writer.

Crawl, stand, walk, jog then run by gradually bumping up your creations. Be a little prolific by posting 1 piece of content weekly. Be kinda prolific by posting 2-3 posts weekly. Be super prolific by posting daily. Be hyper prolific by posting 2 posts daily. Take a step into the blogging big time of being prolific by posting 5 or more posts daily to your blog and to guest posting gigs, collectively, like me.

Be patient, persistent, generous and most of all, ground yourself in being realistic to slowly but steadily become eye-poppingly prolific.


Blogging is a skill requiring thousands of hours of practice, study, and learning, to become adept at this discipline. Being prolific is no different. Again guys; I spent 20,000 hours blogging over the past decade of my life. Start toying around with ideas like blogging for 10 years or 20,000 hours to understand why creating 10 posts daily seems so flat out impossible for most bloggers.

Of course, being ridiculously prolific now seems impossible. You have not practiced enough, yet. Keep practicing. Create content. Be patient and persistent. In time, with detachment and trusting in yourself, you will wow people with your prolific, driven blogging nature.


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