How to Create a Clean Blog Design And Make It Acceptable

How to Create a Clean Blog Design And Make It Acceptable 2
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Some blogs look like dumps, bloggers strewing their trash here and there.

Some blogs look like museums; clean, orderly, neat and visually pleasing.

Most blogs sit somewhere in between. Perhaps you enjoy the visual experience but some tidying up is required to create a genuinely clean, lean and mean blog design.

I adopted a bare-bones, razor-sharp, clean and lean design on Blogging From Paradise. One quick scan shows I do not play around when it comes to my blog design because I do not tolerate bloat, sloppiness or that overstuffed feeling one experiences on visiting a dirty, messy-looking blog.

How can you create a clean blog design?

To Create a Clean Blog Design

Follow these tips…

1. Know Why

Forget about tips to go lean, mean and clean, because you never follow success-promoting advice unless you know why to follow the advice. So….let’s say that creating a clean blog design increases your traffic, profits and branding juice. Neat blogs please our peepers, being pleasant to the eyes. Readers stick around, buy your stuff and share blog posts if the design emits a clear, professional message, loud and clear, making the reader look good by sharing content and purchasing your premium offerings.

Tie why you need to clean your blog to something fun and freeing. Lean, clear blog designs promote you to live your dream life. This is enough of a reason to clear things up, right?

Are you having a difficult time finding your reason why?

Buy my eBook to think, feel and act like a successful blogger:

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2. Clean House Every 3 Months (or Not)

Clean the house every 3 months to adopt a clear design. Or….not.

Simply assess – honestly – what you need to let go after 3 months pass. Does your blog look clean and mean after 3 months pass? Leave as is. Decide what looks clean to you and go from there.

I have not cleaned my blog design in eons it seems; ok…in many months. I emit a clean look. But during earlier stages of my blogging career, I did need to clean things up because I added bloat over the course of months, said bloat being trash, needing to be dumped.

Assess what stays and what goes every 3 months. Fear can deceive you. Fear makes you add that silly widget or 4 ads when widgets and ads need to go. Or maybe you keep 1 ad and delete 3 ads. Tightening up your review time frame makes you be straight with yourself, honestly. Do not let this period stretch to 6 months or longer because way too many fears pass through mind daily, let alone for 6 months. People often act on these fears and screw up their blog design.

3. Buy a Clean Premium Theme

Do not just buy any old premium theme. Some premium themes offer you too many options for widgets and add and stuff, leading to potential bloat, trash, and a dumpy-looking blog.

Invest in a clean, minimalist theme. Observe Sazzadul’s design. Do you see how he only posts a few items and uses plenty of white space for a streamlined design? Follow his lead by using a similar, minimalist design, to resist temptations for overloading your blog with too much stuff.

4. Make Whitespace Your Friend

Make whitespace dominate your blog. No blog looks sloppy if said blog seems dominated with whitespace. But all trashy-looking blogging dumps employ scant whitespace.

Trash heaps vomit trash. Clean spaces exude space. Do you see what I mean?

Make whitespace your best friend. Less is more. Adopt a clean, lean blog design.

5. Study Clean Blogs

Sazzadul and I offer prime examples of clean, lean blogs. Study our blogs and other clean blogs for unlimited inspiration. I only cleaned up my blog after observing a few clear, lean blogs in my blogging tips niche. I gleaned ideas from these pros to apply to my blog, kicking my butt into gear and straightening up the house.

Scan top blogs in your niche. Most offer superb examples of clean, clear blogs. Observe how you can clean up your blog in a similar fashion and apply these ideas to tidy things up on your online portal.

6. Focus More on Creating Content and Lesson Adding Design Filler

My blog is a big-time hero image, branded effectively, for my home page. My blog itself is blog posts and a widget advertising my eBooks via my sidebar. That is it. No more. Virtually all of my attention and energy goes into creating content because the content is the ultimate business-builder, not 100 ads or irrelevant widgets or extraneous images.

Create. Trash design filler. Give most of your attention and energy to creating and publishing content and spend virtually no time adding more design elements to your blog to clean things up.


Nudge into fear, guys. I know how scary it feels to clean up your blog because you need to let go of certain elements you attach to but the glowing benefits far outweigh a few uncomfortable moments of release.

Happy Cleaning.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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