Do You Consider this Blogging Analogy?

Do You Consider this Blogging Analogy? 2
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Blogging is not a short, intense, but relatively easy sprint.

Blogging is a long, relaxing, sometimes uncomfortable-feeling marathon.

Do you keep this blogging analogy in mind before blogging today? Have you considered this blogging analogy? Do you see this analogy taught by most bloggers?

Read the average blog post. Bloggers tend to promise how to generate specific results quickly. But promising quick results appears to invalidate the blogging analogy. Promising quick riches promises blogging to be a short, intense, relatively easy sprint. Do XYZ now to get traffic and money fast. Do XYZ now to get money easily.

Every time a blogger promises overnight success the individual lies to you.

Any blogger who claims to know the secrets of overnight success is not telling you the truth.

One quick visit to YouTube seems to produce an assault of get rich quick advertisements. For whatever reason, the cycle of spammy, trashy ads veterans observed in the late 2000’s seems to proliferate now. Alleged guru after guru promises me the secret to making big money, fast. Unfortunately for them, I have 12,000 blogging work hours of experience in my pocket. I am not blinded by fear, greed or desperation. I can clearly see their attempt at a Jedi mind trick promising me quick riches.

Even more reputable advertisers on YouTube who stress how the money you make flows in after rendering generous, patient, persistent service do not see the fundamental error of their ways: do you understand what a worthless, putrid, miserable existence life becomes if your chief aim is to acquire strips of green paper, metal discs and imaginary numbers on a screen?

Are you nuts?

Are you crazy?

Do you REALLY believe freedom, liberation, fun and happiness is trying to acquire illusory numbers as quickly as possible? If so, you are mad!!!

I am spending a few weeks in a wealthy area of New Jersey. Yesterday I saw a sports car that costs $1 million USD cruise beside of my car. The Mercedes McLaren looked gorgeous. I know it is one of the fastest cars on earth. But did the person who bought the car spend 10,000 to 20,000 hours or more living a life of:

  • freedom?
  • fun?
  • joy?
  • generous service?
  • passion?
  • relaxation?
  • trust?

to acquire their substantial worldly wealth? If yes, good for them. If not, they are an idiot!

Is moving quickly in a flashy car worth spending years working like an animal, stressing, pushing and striving? Nope. Working hard to acquire fast-moving steel or a bunch of timber designed to be a large dwelling is the realm of:

  • insane
  • mad
  • deluded
  • scared

human beings who believe money to be their savior, their comfort, their freedom.

Blogging is no quick dash to wealth but a long, steady, relaxing marathon to freedom. Money can and does arrive slowly and steadily BUT you will relax and enjoy before AND after the money arrives. Doesn’t that make sense? Doesn’t that sound fun? Meanwhile, most of humanity either sprints to failure or attempts to sprint a marathon, finds a way to make big money online in rare cases, but feels terrible for most of the long sprint, wasting years of their life that could have been spent relaxing, having fun and building a life of freedom and sweet worldly wealth, too.

Blog for freedom!

Money and worldly success will flow your way but the relaxing freedom you experience along with the worldly trappings makes for a complete life.

Just know that this is a long, relaxing marathon and not a intense sprint.


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